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Alexandra Pankratyeva

Experienced content writer and web editor with 5-year background of covering the world’s financial markets, including stocks, indices, commodities, FX pairs and cryptocurrencies, and delivering educational and marketing content for potential investors and traders. Worked for several IT companies writing UX copy, corporate blogs, website content and analytical articles on Technology Solutions, e-Commerce, User Experience, Big Data and M2M.

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Rendering of physical bitcoin tokens on black background
Bitcoin price prediction 2030-2050: What might happen to BTC in the long term?

Bitcoin started 2023 with a rally, but for how long can it last and what’s the long-term outlook?

Alexandra Pankratyeva07:46, 18 April 2023
Keep Network price prediction
Keep Network price prediction: is the dip an opportunity?

Will the Keep manage to keep personal data private? Read in our KEEP token outlook.

Alexandra Pankratyeva08:16, 6 May 2022
Holo crypto price prediction
Holochain price prediction: is HOT token cooling off?

The latest Holo token news and a detailed Holo crypto price prediction based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Alexandra Pankratyeva08:57, 3 May 2022
telcoin cryptocurrency icon on paper texture
Telcoin (TEL) price prediction: the future of blockchain remittances on mobile

Is Telcoin the future of low-cost blockchain money transfers? Read our Telcoin forecast.

Alexandra Pankratyeva15:42, 29 April 2022
Golden NEO token representation
NEO price prediction 2022: what’s next for the ‘Chinese Ethereum’?

NEO is now a shadow of its its 52-week high of $140.37 last June. Can it build on its Chinese base to become a global player?

Alexandra Pankratyeva08:17, 29 April 2022 crypto currency digital payment system blockchain concept. Cryptocurrency isolated on earth night lights world map background. Vector illustration price prediction: A top DeFi coin to watch? hit a 30-day-low of $20.699 on 22 January. What’s next for the DeFi token?

Alexandra Pankratyeva12:10, 8 February 2022
Aavegotchi crypto currency digital payment system blockchain concept. Cryptocurrency isolated on earth night lights world map background. Vector illustration
Aavegotchi (GHST) price prediction: What’s next for the DeFi-NFT token?

Aavegotchi combines decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). What is the Aavegotchi price prediction? Read more…

Alexandra Pankratyeva13:29, 1 February 2022
Bitcoin price prediction
Bitcoin price prediction: north from $60,000 to new ATH?

What’s next for BTC after breaking through $60,000? Read in our bitcoin forecast.

Alexandra Pankratyeva14:39, 19 October 2021
Elongate crypto
Elongate crypto: the future of charity cryptocurrency?

Charity cryptocurrency investments: ready to add social impact to your crypto holdings? Read more…

Alexandra Pankratyeva12:32, 24 September 2021
Crypto games
Crypto games: play-to-earn phenomenon

How to earn crypto by playing games? Learn more about the play-to-earn concept.

Alexandra Pankratyeva14:06, 9 September 2021
Bitcoin price prediction
Bitcoin price prediction: will it surge to $100k?

Explore the latest bitcoin price analysis, key drivers and analyst sentiment at

Alexandra Pankratyeva10:41, 18 August 2021
Is forex trading profitable
Navigate fast-paced FX market: is forex trading profitable?

Learn more about forex trading with's comprehensive guide.

Alexandra Pankratyeva14:00, 2 June 2021
Tesla suspends bitcoin payments
Tesla suspends bitcoin payments: how does the market react?

Find out how bitcoin’s price has fared following Tesla’s decision to stop the currency

Alexandra Pankratyeva13:13, 14 May 2021
Best DeFi coins 2021
Best DeFi coins 2021: three ‘Blue Crypt’ tokens to watch and trade

Top 3 DeFi coins to watch and analyse: Maker, Compound and Uniswap. Are there good trading opportunities? Continue reading.

Alexandra Pankratyeva16:48, 23 April 2021
Best cryptocurrencies to invest in spring 2021
Best cryptocurrencies to invest in spring 2021: from Bitcoin to Polkadot

What cryptos to invest in right now? Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Polkadot: watch out for the top-three contenders for the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2021 with

Alexandra Pankratyeva19:35, 11 March 2021

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