Mohadesa Najumi

Mohadesa is a British writer who has worked within forex, financial technology and the stock market industry. She has previously written for The Independent and The Huffington Post. Mohadesa studied for her MSc in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and enjoys researching everything from crypto assets to the democratisation of investing.

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Loopring logo with a world map behind it
Loopring (LRC) price prediction: Why is LRC going up?

DEX capability has become crucial infrastructure for the crypto industry. Does this explain LRC’s recent price surge?

Mohadesa Najumi
Celer Network Coin (CELR)
Celer Network coin (CELR): Where is the price heading?

What factors affect the CELR price, and will the token maximise its use case and achieve wider adoption?

Mohadesa Najumi
Enjin Coin Cryptocurrency. ENJ coin growth chart on the exchange, chart
Enjin price prediction: ENJ soars to new all-time high

Can Enjin’s NFT infrastructure change the future of blockchain gaming amid new record highs for ENJ?

Mohadesa Najumi
AMP crypto price prediction
AMP crypto price prediction: A promising digital collateral coin

With the ongoing developments in the AMP ecosystem, what can we expect from Flexa’s digital token?

Mohadesa Najumi
Vector. Blue futuristic background. Bitcoin and blockchain. Electronic cryptocurrency and modern technology. Online banking, and financial communications. World wide web. Hologram. Planet Earth.
Four biggest crypto market trends to look out for in 2022

Amid a flood of institutional demand and expanded use cases, the year 2022 could see further growth for the crypto industry.

Mohadesa Najumi
NFT non fungible tokens crypto art. Pay for unique collectibles in games or art. 3d render NFT crypto art collectibles concept
Top 5 most popular NFTs on Google

NFTs are an interesting medium for creators. But which ones are the public searching for most on Google?

Mohadesa Najumi
GALA coin price prediction
GALA coin price prediction after Binance listing

Now the Gala Games' token has risen sharply, is the market backing decentralised gaming?

Mohadesa Najumi
Aug 22 2021-Lopburi, Thailand: For Illustrative editorial use only, Ethereum coin emerged form wallet with Axie infinity logo on screen.
Yield Guild Games (YGG) price prediction: Next Axie Infinity?

Yield Guild Games’ play-to-earn functionality cleverly combines NFTs with DeFi. But what’s next for the YGG token?

Mohadesa Najumi
A modern way of exchange. Bitcoin is a convenient payment in the global economy market. Virtual digital currency and financial investment trading concept. Abstract cryptocurrency with a golden bitcoin background.
MyNeighborAlice coin price prediction: Will the play-to-earn phenomenon climb higher?

Virtual islands. In-game purchases. Governance votes. The My Neighbour Alice token is a crypto with potential.

Mohadesa Najumi
Close-up of a computer keyboard with the Chiliz logo on it
Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction: Is there more upside to come?

A sports crowd-management system to increase direct fan engagement? CHZ could be a game changer.

Mohadesa Najumi
Civic coin (CVC) price prediction
Civic coin (CVC) price prediction: Will the unique token make further gains?

What factors affect the Civic coin price, and will the token maximise its unique use case and achieve wider adoption?

Mohadesa Najumi
Image of a man in a suit making digital adjustments to a laptop or screen
Top crypto traders to follow based on their social media popularity

Crypto is rising in popularity. But who can you follow for valuable insights into the industry? Our list helps you to know.

Mohadesa Najumi
Most searched cryptocurrency on Google
Most searched cryptocurrency on Google

New study puts dogecoin as the top searched crypto in the US

Mohadesa Najumi
Bitcoin ETF explained
The first Bitcoin ETF explained: What you need to know

The first-ever Bitcoin ETF makes its debut in the US marking a new crypto milestone.

Mohadesa Najumi
Crypto taxes
Crypto taxes 2021: A guide to UK, US and European rules

Do you trade crypto? If so, you will incur capital gains and losses that have tax reporting requirements.

Mohadesa Najumi

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