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Aluminium and nickel: riding the sanctions rollercoaster

Industrial metals prices have made some solid gains this year, and leading the pack are those that have been affected by the changing geopolitical landscape in recent weeks

Neil Dennis

UK household spending squeeze: easing or tightening?

So the household spending squeeze is starting to ease at last, but not quite in the way that the experts had predicted.

Claire Veares

Waning growth momentum puts eurozone rate hike on back burner

Eurozone inflation has begun to soften while recent data from the bloc suggests that economic activity may have already peaked. Rather than interest rate tightening, expectations are increasing that the ECB will soon unveil a further extension to its quantitative easing programme.

James Hester
China economy depicted by barometer

China’s economy fords troubled waters of trade

Little sign that China's booming economy is flagging as growth figures released today shows it is holding steady at 6.8%.

Claire Hunte

Industrial metals lose their shine

Industrial metals have been on the back foot so far this year, with recent worries over a trade war between the US and China undermining already weakening sentiment.

James Hester
harrods in london

UK consumers push ahead with hunt for bargains

UK retail sales increased by 1.4% in March on a like-for-like basis from March 2017, when they had decreased 1% from the preceding year, according to the latest British Retail Consortium/KPMG report

Brian Bollen

Weak US payrolls number hints at tight labour market

Fewer jobs than expected were created in the US during March, but rather than suggesting a burgeoning weak spot in its economy, many believe the slowdown in jobs growth is emblematic of a tightening labour market

Neil Dennis

Investor uncertainty as tech giants face chillier political climate

The prospect of tougher regulation on both sides of the Atlantic has cast a cloud over the tech stocks that have powered the recent share-price boom. Investors in the FANG companies – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google – may be getting nervous.

Dan Atkinson
Businessman at desk building a financial graph with toy blocks

Corporate earnings, shape of things to come

By all accounts, first quarter earnings look phenomenal thanks to a tax boost but whether or not they're enduring causes a ripple of concern.

Claire Hunte

AIM’s ideals questioned as average market cap hits record

AIM describes itself on owner London Stock Exchange's website as "the most successful growth market in the world", and this week the Alternative Investment Market's average market capitalisation hit a record high

Neil Dennis
American eagle

Inflation in the US

The Federal Reserve admits surprise that US inflation remains subdued, yet expects the rate to edge up only slightly to 2.1% next year and stay unchanged in 2020. What’s the danger of it getting behind the curve on price stability?

Graham Buck
Photo of oil worker looking at rigs

What's driving crude oil prices?

The price of crude oil has surged 20% in the last year. Part of the price climb was the result of stronger global growth and emerging market demand. And in the last six weeks the oil price has headed north again.

Adrian Holliday

Clamp down on cryptocurrency spread betting

Spread betting firms fell under the spotlight on Tuesday when the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced plans to ban ‘binary’ options sales to retail clients and restrict the sales of Contract for Differences (CFDs).

Alison Bloomer

Dollar doldrums likely to persist on clouded risk outlook

The US dollar has been the weakest of the G10 currencies - barring the odd uptick - for about 15 months and has demonstrated that economic strength and interest rate hikes do not necessarily act in support of a currency

Neil Dennis

2017 US earnings review

In 2017 the S&P 500 was on a roll. For the first time in its history it produced positive total returns every month.

Claire Veares

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