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Consumer spending squeeze set to crimp Christmas sales

The continued squeeze on spending power makes it unlikely this year will be a fairy-tale Christmas for the UK's consumers and retailers

Neil Dennis

The growth of smart beta investment in Europe

The growth in popularity of smart beta investment amongst European investors continues. According to a recent survey by exchange-traded funds (ETF) Invesco PowerShares

Brian Bollen

The taming of UK inflation: sterling pressures ease

The Bank of England governor is off the hook - for now. UK inflation came in at 3% in October, holding steady at the previous month's level

Neil Dennis

Iron ore: a roller coaster ride

Iron ore prices have been extremely volatile over recent years, with the market characterised by both concentrated demand and supply. So, what should we expect to see next from iron ore?

James Hester

Britain's currency deadlock: the pound, the central bank and the consumer

Britain's pound is under attack from all sides: after its first-half rally, sterling is being eroded by slowing service sector and consumer activity and a central bank that doesn't believe its own hawkishness

Neil Dennis

Storming ahead: Apple just gets better

Apple shares have been storming ahead of late, with the company experiencing phenomenal demand for its new iPhone X and continuing to beat results expectations.

James Hester

Route to normality: what next for the Australian dollar?

Given the country´s vast natural resources, the Australian dollar has long been labelled as a commodity currency. But will the Aussie dollar ever return to its 2011 commodity super-cycle peak?

James Hester
crushed car

UK retail figures crush hopes of consumer-led growth

Any last lingering hopes that the UK consumer might somehow lead the country to the sunlit uplands of economic growth have surely been well and truly crushed by figures published by the British Retail Consortium

Brian Bollen

The scandal about tax is weak legislation

A monarch avoiding tax payment is always a good hook for a news story. However, the latest ‘tax scandal’ related to the Paradise Papers goes much deeper than whether HM is paying HMRC a fair amount.

David Burrows

Outlook for London new listings begins to darken

So far, 2017 has been a relatively good year for new market listings in London but, on Friday, two companies have announced the withdrawal of their planned flotations

Neil Dennis

Golden age: will industrial metals prices continue their strong run?

Industrial metals prices have rallied sharply this year against strong demand and more constrained supply. But some metals appear to be better supported than others by underlying fundamentals.

James Hester
bank of england

Only one thing is certain: the outlook is unclear

The only certainties in human life are death and taxes. Interest rate movements do not feature in this elite group. However certain the world's experts are today that the Bank of England will announce an interest rate rise tomorrow

Brian Bollen

Is Bitcoin’s bubble about to burst – or is it the new gold?

A couple of days ago, the price of digital currency Bitcoin reached a new all-time high as it passed $6,300 (£4,788). Yet Warren Buffet has called it an “Enron in the making”. So what’s the truth?

Richard Reed

November Fed meeting a prelude to new chair announcement

Wednesday's Federal Reserve November policy meeting is expected to deliver few surprises, but the central bank will be involved in the biggest risk event of the week as President Trump nominates the new Fed chair

Neil Dennis

US growth puts Fed on track for further rate hikes

US gross domestic product rose by an annual rate of 3% in the third quarter - a feat that has surprised the market and economists considering the impact of two devastating hurricanes during the period

Neil Dennis

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