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May Day dawns on disgruntled world workforce

International Workers’ Day sees attention focus on squeezed living standards. Are working people getting the full benefit from the economic recovery?

Dan Atkinson

The US economy’s seasonal pothole

America’s current economic revival is now the second-longest on record, but recent freezing winters have seen regularly seen growth subdued in the first quarter of the year.

Graham Buck

UK Q1 GDP slumps to 0.1%, sterling plummets

UK growth came in at a crawl year-on-year for the first quarter of 2018 – just 0.1% according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS)

Adrian Holliday

Rising dollar threatens currency turmoil

Higher American interest rates are pushing up the dollar as exchange rates enter a new period of volatility. Some who have borrowed in the US currency may default, warns the International Monetary Fund.

Dan Atkinson

ECB holds as growth momentum slows

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced that interest rates will remain at their present levels for an extended period of time and well past the horizon of the net asset purchases.

Alison Bloomer
Statue in Wall St

Is it best to temper great expectations for US equities?

Until recently, it felt like the greatest of times as the nine-year long bull run galloped on, but given the Dow’s latest 400-point plummet, a key question becomes is the worse yet to come for US equities? 

Claire Hunte


Euro looks fragile as eurozone sentiment wanes

Widely followed gauges of eurozone business sentiment published on Tuesday provided further evidence that economic momentum in the core eurozone has peaked. Against this backdrop, the euro is starting to look quite fragile.

James Hester

Sterling future hinges on Brexit negotiations

The sudden collapse in the value of the pound sterling against other major internationally traded currencies in the wake of the Brexit referendum vote of June 2016 attracted vast amounts of column inches at the time.

Brian Bollen
Photo of purse and UK flag

Cryptos to come in from the cold?

How do you regulate the most hyped, chaotic asset class ever seen?

Adrian Holliday
Oil deal

Oil to stay stuck in $60s as Russia hints at end to production curbs

Splits have started to appear in the agreement between Russia and oil cartel OPEC over production curbs aimed at pushing up the price of crude.

Richard Reed

Aluminium and nickel: riding the sanctions rollercoaster

Industrial metals prices have made some solid gains this year, and leading the pack are those that have been affected by the changing geopolitical landscape in recent weeks

Neil Dennis

UK household spending squeeze: easing or tightening?

So the household spending squeeze is starting to ease at last, but not quite in the way that the experts had predicted.

Claire Veares

Waning growth momentum puts eurozone rate hike on back burner

Eurozone inflation has begun to soften while recent data from the bloc suggests that economic activity may have already peaked. Rather than interest rate tightening, expectations are increasing that the ECB will soon unveil a further extension to its quantitative easing programme.

James Hester
China economy depicted by barometer

China’s economy fords troubled waters of trade

Little sign that China's booming economy is flagging as growth figures released today shows it is holding steady at 6.8%.

Claire Hunte

Industrial metals lose their shine

Industrial metals have been on the back foot so far this year, with recent worries over a trade war between the US and China undermining already weakening sentiment.

James Hester

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