David Jones

David joins the Capital.com team following extensive experience in the financial markets, David is a qualified technical analyst who started his financial career in the 1990s as a currency analyst. Recently, he has held senior management positions at CMC Markets and the IG Group, where he provided regular market commentary to media and clients, devised and run a wide range of educational programmes.

David’s financial background

  • Radio presenter for the BBC – March 2015 to October 2017
  • Freelancer at Shares Magazine – July 2014 to September 2016
  • Chief Market Strategist at IG Group – November 2007 to December 2013
  • Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets – May 2005 to November 2007
  • Journalist at Shares Magazine – April 2003 to April 2005
  • Sales at Tradermade International Ltd – 1994 to 1997

Articles by David Jones Page

Market outlook: what does this week have in store for traders?

Get the latest economic news and learn what to watch in the financial markets this week

David Jones
Markets update: another volatile week to come

US stocks recovery, surprises in currency market, downtrend in crude oil and uptrend in gold prices – stay tuned and follow the latest stock market news with Capital.com.

David Jones
Growing tension: A turning point for the global market?

Stocks tanked, the IMF feels the market is bloated and a Brexit agreement seems a mirage. Is it all doom and gloom from here?

David Jones
The week ahead: Opportunities to watch out for in the US

Read about the effects of the US employment report. Trade CFDs on USD, stocks and oil.

David Jones
Weekly market update with David Jones

Discover the latest on EU, UK, and Japan’s financial releases and stay updated on the commodity and stock markets.

David Jones
What is hedging mode and how to use it in trading?

Have you ever wanted to have two positions open on the same market, at the same time – but in opposite directions? We are pleased to let you know that you can now do this. Based on feedback from our traders we have introduced “hedging mode” into our platform.

David Jones
Crypto concerns – renewed worries for crypto traders

In a disappointing year for crypto traders, the market continues to struggle amid talk of Goldman Sachs plans to drop crypto trading desk.

David Jones
US market update – dollar keeps on rising

The week’s market update shows a positive sentiment for the US economy as a whole, with the dollar holding strong.

David Jones
Weekly market overview – will the US bull run continue?

Get up to date on this week’s market news and learn the latest on the US stock market highs.

David Jones
Turkey in crisis – how the latest lira levels will affect the world economy

As Turkey’s economy dips, traders are watching to discover how the latest lira results will affect the world markets.

David Jones
Trump, Putin and the markets – weekly review with David Jones

Chief Market Strategist David Jones talks through the market highlights this week, including the Putin – Trump meeting, UK High Street Stress, the latest oil prices and more.

David Jones
The market overview with David Jones

Could Bitcoin be set to rise again? Is oil on the up? Learn more about the latest market highlights with Capital.com’s David Jones.

David Jones
Weekly financial market analysis by David Jones

This week David Jones, Capital.com’s Chief Market Strategist, reveals the impact of Brexit on the UK’s stock markets. He also discusses Trump’s UK visit, oil prices, US earnings season and more.

David Jones
Bitcoin volatility is back

Traders frustration is coming to an end with Bitcoin gaining back its volatility.

David Jones
The Five Most Common Trading Mistakes

Discover trading psychology with David Jones! In this article, we are breaking down some of the most common mistakes made by traders. Read if you have ever tried trading against the trend, risking too much on one trade, taking profits too quickly, letting losing trades run or trading with no plan.

David Jones