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Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson is a British writer, journalist and author specialising in financial and economic matters. He has worked in this field for UK newspapers including The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday, reporting from around the world. He has since worked as a copywriter and content strategist for household-name financial institutions, and is the author or co-author of six books on social, financial and economic affairs.

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Take your partners: fancy footwork required to navigate these precious metals

Gold, silver and the dollar make an intriguing and sometimes infuriating trio of assets, linked to each other but frequently at odds. Navigating their relationship in the market calls for a solid understanding of the factors that affect them.

Dan Atkinson
Hong Kong stocks leave Tokyo behind after five glorious years

The Hong Kong stock market is now the world’s third largest, overtaking the once-invincible Tokyo. A link with mainland Chinese exchanges has helped market capitalisation to soar during recent years.

Dan Atkinson
Sterling higher as cross-party Brexit talks continue

The pound strengthened on foreign exchanges this morning as the government and the opposition Labour Party prepared for Brexit discussions to continue over Easter. Cabinet Office minister David Lidington has said both sides will “take stock” ten days from now.

Dan Atkinson
Coffee: learning to trade the world’s leading hot beverage

If commodities in general tend to un-nerve novice traders, agricultural commodities can be particularly off-putting with uncertainties about harvests and the weather. But if you are properly prepared, then trading coffee should be no more stressful than making your morning cup.

Dan Atkinson
Oil prices shrug off mixed outlook

Despite geo-political tensions, the price of oil remains buoyant. But increasing US output could put crude prices under pressure once more.

Dan Atkinson
New Zealand dollar remains rock of stability in South Pacific

Sometimes treated as the little sister of the larger Australian dollar, New Zealand’s currency has held its value against major denominations during a period of geo-political instability. The dollar’s resilience reflects an economic success story that has won praise from the International Monetary Fund.

Dan Atkinson
Gold: rock-steady performance conceals big swings

The price of gold seems barely to have budged during the last three months, but there have been some significant ups and downs along the way. Traders need to remember that gold is priced in dollars, so they need to watch both the US currency and bullion movements to make informed decisions.

Dan Atkinson
trading floor
Risk and volatility: the same, quite different – or a bit of each?

A sure-fire method for annoying a veteran trader is to mix up volatility and risk, treating big swings in securities prices as identical with the danger of loss. But nor can they be entirely separated, and the key to trading success is a firm grasp of how these different but overlapping concepts fit together.

Dan Atkinson
Shares steady ahead of Brexit showdown

London stock markets showed modest gains as MPs tried to break the deadlock on Brexit. They will vote on various options to find a way forward and end the current stalemate in Parliament.

Dan Atkinson
Who’s afraid of short selling? Everything you need to know about “going short”

The practice of “shorting” a stock or any other security – selling at today’s price in the expectation that its value will fall – has long been seen by many as disreputable. But it is simply another way of expressing a market view, no different from any other.

Dan Atkinson
Oil meeting outcome cheers crude price

Oil prices have been bucked by confirmation that leading crude producers remain committed to observing a package of production curbs. But a call to support fellow petroleum exporter Venezuela in a stand-off with Washington may herald trouble ahead.

Dan Atkinson
US dollar rides out Trump excitement – for now

History would suggest the sort of political turmoil seen so far during Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House would have rocked the US dollar, with knock-on effects for other currencies round the world. But at the half-way point, the “greenback” has held quite steady, although that could change very quickly.

Dan Atkinson
Forex trading – what are the best currencies to trade?

Currencies are priced in other currencies, and all major denominations are quoted in “cross rates” against each other. Traders may choose a fairly predictable “pair”, such as the US dollar and the euro, or something more exotic, but in all cases good research is essential in deciding the best currencies to trade.

Dan Atkinson
Gold – right back where it started from

Gold prices have swung round during the past 12 months in a trading range of more than $170. But at the end of the period, they were pretty much where they started, perhaps underlining bullion’s reputation for stability.

Dan Atkinson
Swiss stocks riding high as economic sun shines

Switzerland’s top stock index has climbed steadily for the past year, helped by a more competitive currency and strong economic growth. But challenges remain for the Zurich market, not least the possibility of a trade war hitting the country’s export sector.

Dan Atkinson