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Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson is a British writer, journalist and author specialising in financial and economic matters. He has worked in this field for UK newspapers including The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday, reporting from around the world. He has since worked as a copywriter and content strategist for household-name financial institutions, and is the author or co-author of six books on social, financial and economic affairs.

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Asset correlation: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

No discussion of trading strategy is complete without some mention of correlation with regard to assets in a portfolio. This can seem daunting, but understanding correlation can be straightforward and profitable.

Dan Atkinson
oil prices
Oil prices set fair but shoal waters ahead

The price of oil has recovered well from a very poor end to 2018, helped by a 24-nation deal to curb production. But there are both macro-economic and geopolitical hazards ahead during this year and beyond.

Dan Atkinson
asset bubble
Asset-price bubbles: how to spot them and what to do

Asset-price bubbles are to traders and investors what shoals of rocks and treacherous tides are to sailors, a deceptive situation that can pull them under. But how can you tell what is a justified price rally and what is a dangerous example of herd mania?

Dan Atkinson
Singapore dollar
Singapore’s dollar holds steady in a turbulent world

Singapore’s policy of keeping its currency within set trading bands seems to have paid off as its value has remained remarkably stable during the past year. Any volatility is usually caused by problems in other currencies, such as sterling’s Brexit-induced weakness.

Dan Atkinson
Earnings report Q4
Ups and downs at the end of the tech reporting season

Google-owner Alphabet started off the last major set of tech results from the current reporting season. Most announcement were well-received by markets, but Twitter struggled to impress.

Dan Atkinson
Spanish Stocks
Spanish stocks make a brisk start in 2019

Hopes of a powerful bull run in Spanish stocks last year were largely disappointed, but the benchmark IBEX 35 index has made a promising start to 2019. But challenges remain, not least the ongoing dispute over independence for the Catalonia region.

Dan Atkinson
Trading Strategies
5 simple and effective trading strategies

Most successful traders rely on one or more strategies to guide their actions in the market. Some systems are very complex, and off-putting for newcomers, but here are five simple and effective strategies that novice traders can profitably use.

Dan Atkinson
Shares higher, pound down as Theresa May talks up Brexit hopes

London stock markets were higher today as Prime Minister Theresa May flew to Northern Ireland to say she can get an agreement to a deal that suits the province. But sterling was lower after a disappointing survey of the services industry.

Dan Atkinson
Technological Stocks
Big-tech reporting season: a tale of mixed fortunes

Four of the biggest names in the tech world have just reported their financial results; Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Tesla. Some fared better than others, although share prices were generally buoyant.

Dan Atkinson
Turkish Lira
Turkish lira back from the brink but still in the danger zone

Turkey’s currency has been buffeted by a trade war with the United States and concerns over the country’s foreign currency debt. Its value has recovered from the lows of summer 2018 but remains below its level of a year ago.

Dan Atkinson
Crypto forecast 2019
After a torrid year, is 2019 the year for crypto?

Cryptocurrencies endured a torrid time in 2018, with prices well below their peaks. Some have written off the asset class, but there are good reasons to believe cryptocurrencies will bounce in the year ahead.

Dan Atkinson
Gold rally continues as Chinese New Year approaches

Gold’s three-month rally shows no sign of losing steam, and demand for the metal will be supported by Chinese New Year celebrations, which begin next week. But the longer-term picture is less reassuring, with the price noticeably lower than a year ago.

Dan Atkinson
Multiple fears stall Wall Street rally

The Dow Jones index rallied strongly after taking a dive on 24 December. But concerns over global growth, a deadlock in Washington and US-China trade relations have sent shares lower.

Dan Atkinson
Shares and sterling ride out latest Brexit turmoil

As Parliament debates amendments to the government’s European Union withdrawal legislation, the pound and domestic shares held their own on financial markets. But that could quickly change if legislative deadlock turns into a constitutional crisis.

Dan Atkinson
Oil on upward trend
Oil on upward trend as production cuts kick in

Oil has pulled out of its price nosedive as output curbs agreed last month come into effect. But in the longer term, the prospects for crude are bound up with the extent of any global economic downturn.

Dan Atkinson