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A quick guide into the crypto world: cryptocurrencies and blockchain explained

The world has gone crypto, it’s time to keep up with times or risk being left behind. New technology breeds new terminology, so let’s get to grips with the top 27 crypto terms to get you started. News

Major digital currencies slip into the red as bitcoin drops below $10,000

Bitcoin slumped back under $10,000 on Thursday with a possible knock-on effect across cryptocurrencies in general as all major digital currencies slipped into the red.

Alison Bloomer

France to regulate crypto trading

France is to regulate derivatives products linked to cryptocurrencies, in another sign of the increasing regulatory scrutiny faced by firms offering platforms to trade bitcoin and other major cryptos.

James Hester

21-year old unveils dark pool for large crypto trades

Republic Protocol, a company run by a 21-year-old, has raised $34m worth of ether to build a cryptocurrency dark pool, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

David Burrows

MPs launch inquiry into risks of cryptocurrencies

Westminster’s cross-party Treasury Select Committee of lawmakers is to launch an inquiry into digital currencies.

David Burrows
Bitcoin bubble

Elliott Management renews attack on cryptocurrencies

Paul Singer, founder of the $34bn hedge fund, dismisses the hyperbole as “one of the most brilliant scams in history”.

Graham Buck

Carney dubs bitcoin "failed" but cryptos continue their recovery rally

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney dubbed bitcoin a "failed" currency, even as the crypto prices appeared to remain on the path to recovery. On the positive front there was support for crypto prices from news out of South Korea and Venezuela on Tuesday.

James Hester

Time to regulate cryptocurrencies, says US Congress

The US Congress is to investigate the rise of cryptocurrencies with a view to imposing greater government oversight.

Richard Reed
bitcoin price recovering

Crypto trader lays out $400m on Bitcoin

An ambitious Bitcoin trader has bought $400m worth of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

Richard Reed

Venezuela to sidestep US sanctions with cryptocurrency launch

Venezuela thrusts itself into the controversial and volatile realm of cryptocurrencies on Tuesday as it launches its own digital offering - the petro - backed by the oil-rich nation's petroleum output

Neil Dennis

Bitcoin dips back down under £10,000

Bitcoin has slipped back down into four figures after it reached over £10,000 yesterday on the back of a potential easing on imminent regulatory clampdowns.

Alison Bloomer

Forbes reveals crypto rich list

Ripple founder Chris Larsen, tops the list with Forbes estimating his net worth at close to $20bn (this estimate was made last month). XRP - the token of Ripple, has fallen heavily since then but Larsen still holds his place.

David Burrows
Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett ally calls bitcoin ‘noxious poison’

Berkshire Hathaway’s veteran vice chairman Charlie Munger says the craze for the cryptocurrency is “totally asinine”.

Graham Buck

Crypto rally boosts bitcoin closer to $10,000

Bitcoin and its rivals in the cryptocurrency realm have enjoyed something of a revival as talk of stricter trading conditions and possible bans have faded in recent sessions

Neil Dennis
Bitcoin has been highly volatile

Bitcoin rises after ECB rules out imminent ban

Mario Draghi said that regulation of cryptocurrencies wasn’t part of the central bank’s remit.

Graham Buck

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