Yoke Wong

Yoke is a financial journalist with a decade of experience reporting on the commodities market, specialising in the metals, energy, chemicals and animal feed sectors. She has worked in several international price reporting agencies, writing daily market reports, global trade analyses, features and CEOs interviews. Yoke is studying for her legal practice course in London and her legal training helps her to interpret changes in trading regulations and financial legislation.  

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A natural gas processing plant
Natural gas price forecast: Strong demand to lift US prices?

Will strong export demand and higher consumption provide support for US natural gas prices?

 Yoke Wong
Renewable energy sector
Renewable energy sector grows to meet world net-zero target

What’s next for renewable energy after the EDF and NTPC collaboration?

 Yoke Wong
Gasoline price forecast
Gasoline price forecast: Where to after 7-year highs?

The market is expected to soften in Q4 but stay supported by high crude-oil prices and strong demand.

 Yoke Wong
iFit Health IPO
iFIT Health IPO: at-home fitness trend to make the stock a buy?

US-based iFIT is going public after Covid-19 pushed the company’s revenues higher.

 Yoke Wong
Sugar price forecast
Sugar price forecast: where to next for the commodity?

Will supply constraints continue to lift sugar prices in 2021? Read on to find out.

 Yoke Wong
China’s coal power plant
How will China's new energy policy affect the coal market?

As China announced a shift away from coal, we look at its impact on the market.

 Yoke Wong
Commodity market
Commodity market: What comes after China's new food-sufficiency policy?

Some question China’s food policy as growing demand has pushed prices of soft commodities to multi-year highs.

 Yoke Wong
price of WTI crude
Crude oil technical analysis: Will the rally continue?

Where is the price of WTI crude oil headed next? Read on to learn more…

 Yoke Wong
Electric vehicle (EV) industry
Electric vehicle (EV) industry analysis: Trends and developments to know

Where to next for the EV industry? Will sales continue to grow? Read on to find out.

 Yoke Wong
Semiconductor industry analysis
Semiconductor industry analysis: everything you need to know

What is next for the semiconductor industry amid global supply shortages?

 Yoke Wong
Cotton price forecast: Will the commodity reach $1/lb?

Cotton has hit a 7.5-year high in 2021, but can it rise any further? Read on to learn more.

 Yoke Wong
Cocoa price
Cocoa price forecast: what’s next after multi-year highs?

Cocoa prices hit a multi-year high this year, but will the rally continue? Read on...

 Yoke Wong
The fall of Theranos: what’s next for the healthcare tech industry?

What’s the Theranos scandal all about? Where to next for the healthcare tech industry? Read on...

 Yoke Wong
The latest silver price analysis
Silver price analysis: will the metal go past $30 in 2021?

Will silver break through the range to rise? Read on to find out.

 Yoke Wong
gold price analysis
Gold price analysis: will it hit $1,900 again in 2021?

Gold has remained largely stable after rising above $1,800 in September. But what’s next?

 Yoke Wong