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Susie Strachan is a 35-year veteran reporter and editor, working in general news, including a 10-year jaunt as a health-care features writer. As a North American sub editor, she now turns her attention to ensuring articles are informative and easy to read. 

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Remitly Global
Money transfer company Remitly files IPO plans with SEC

The company, which helps immigrants send money home to families, aims to raise up to $100m

Susie Strachan
Delta Variant of COVID-19 in America. Photo: Shutterstock
More US companies require employees to be vaccinated

Corporate America responds to Delta variant’s ascendancy

Susie Strachan
Intel exceeds expectations for Q2 earnings

Market reacts to less-than-stellar year-to-year numbers

Susie Strachan
Domino's Pizza
Domino’s Pizza rises to second quarter sales growth

The world’s appetite for pizza resulted in a tasty increase for Domino’s second quarter fiscal results

Susie Strachan
Netflix growth disappoints, company blames pandemic

New memberships total 1.54 million, making it Netflix’s lowest quarter so far

Susie Strachan
High Tide
High Tide buys DankStop, expands further into US market

Expectations for higher profit in growing cannabis industry

Susie Strachan
Generate Credit
Generate raises $2bn in corporate equity

Clean energy and infrastructure mix in San Francisco company

Susie Strachan
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
Moderna to join S&P 500, stock price jumps

In mid-day trading on Friday, Moderna hit a peak price of $283.53

Susie Strachan