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Nicole has been a journalist for two decades, with more than 10 years of experience in covering metal and energy prices for daily publications. As editor of an industrial metals report, she travelled around the world to speak at industry conferences and relished visiting mines and smelters. Prior to entering the commodities world, Nicole covered telecommunications technology, and now she is fascinated by the interplay between telecom and industrial metals with the advent of 5G and Internet of Things applications. A total news junkie, she closely follows the financial markets, with a particular focus on FinTech.

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EUR/USD forecast for 2020
EUR/USD forecast for 2020: is there upside potential for the euro after last year’s decline?

Increased volatility in the euro against the US dollar could give way to the upside later this year. Read our EUR/USD prediction for 2020 to find out more.

Nicole Willing
Gold analysis in May 2020
Gold analysis in May 2020: is there still time to make gains from gold?

With so much economic uncertainty, is it the best time to invest in gold? Read our latest gold price analysis to find out.

Nicole Willing
Investing in commodities
Investing in commodities: five options to consider in May 2020

Are you considering diversifying your portfolio by investing in commodities? Read our roundup of five commodities to choose in May.

Nicole Willing
Brent crude oil price analysis in May 2020
Brent crude oil price analysis in May 2020: does the rebound from the lows signal a recovery?

Crude oil prices have bounced up from the historic April lows, so is the worst over? Check out our oil price analysis for May 2020 to find out.

Nicole Willing
Copper price forecast 2020 and beyond
Copper price forecast 2020 and beyond: will the market recover from Covid-19 disruptions?

Check out our latest copper price forecast to find out what happens next to the copper market after industrial shutdowns halt its rally.

Nicole Willing
Oil futures explained
Oil futures explained: your ultimate guide to WTI and Brent Crude futures trading

Oil futures explained: learn how to capitalise on the current volatility in oil prices by trading futures contracts.

Nicole Willing
Latest gold and silver news
Latest gold and silver news: which metal should you trade in May 2020?

Gold and silver prices have diverged so far in 2020. Read on to see what the latest gold and silver news indicates for the rest of the year.

Nicole Willing
Natural gas price forecast 2020
Natural gas price forecast 2020 and beyond: to trade, or not to trade?

Discover the latest natural gas forecast for 2020 and beyond, and find out whether it is the right time to invest in this energy commodity.

Nicole Willing
GBP to AUD forecast 2020
GBP to AUD forecast 2020: is there still scope to buy after the recent rally?

The GBP/AUD currency pair has been climbing for months and looks set to break out further. Check out the factors driving the GBP/AUD forecast in 2020.

Nicole Willing
Natural gas price news in spring 2020
Natural gas price news in spring 2020: will the commodity ever recover?

US natural gas prices have risen from a 25-year low, as output cuts could reduce oversupply. Read more of the latest natural gas news in spring 2020 at

Nicole Willing
Gold price news
Gold price news: what happens after the metal hit a 7-year high?

Gold has bounced up to a 7-year high. Is this the start of a rally to a fresh gold price high of $2,000? Check out our gold price news to find out.

Nicole Willing
Palladium price news in spring 2020
Palladium price news in spring 2020: will supply cuts offset lower automotive demand?

Read the latest palladium price news in spring 2020 on the turbulence the market has experienced in the past two months as both supply and demand have fallen.

Nicole Willing
Platinum price news
Platinum price news: can the metal hedge the pandemic volatility?

Platinum price news has been unpredictable of late, with demand and supply falling simultaneously during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how platinum news is affecting the market.

Nicole Willing
Oil price analysis in April 2020
Oil price analysis in April 2020: Saudi-Russian oil price war truce falls short

Oil prices retreated in reaction to a Saudi-Russian output deal that fell short of tackling oversupply. Read about it in our oil price analysis in April 2020.

Nicole Willing
Gold price analysis in April 2020
Gold price analysis in April 2020: is the market set up for a bullish breakout?

Read our latest gold analysis for April 2020 to find out whether the metal could finally break through $1,700 per ounce and push to fresh multi-year highs

Nicole Willing