Manaswita Ghosh Dutta

Manaswita is a financial news reporter with seven years of experience in online journalism. She has written long-form analysis on stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and commodities in the US markets and covered financial and business news in the Asia-Pacific. She has previously worked at Zacks Equity Research and The Telegraph (ABP Group, India). Manaswita loves to read and write about investment trends, unicorn start-ups, fashion, retail and beauty stocks, and personal finance.

Articles by Manaswita Ghosh Dutta Page

USD/JPY forecast
USD/JPY forecast: What’s next for the major pair?

The USD/JPY may rise in the early months of 2022, given a possibly tighter monetary policy

Manaswita Ghosh Dutta
Businessman presses button ipo Initial Public Offering diagram online network.
Tech IPOs to watch in 2022: Will the IPO boom continue?

The technology sector, led by fintech firms, is expected to dominate upcoming tech IPOs in 2022.

Manaswita Ghosh Dutta
Three oil pumps over blue background with double exposure of falling blurry digital graphs. Concept of oil market crisis. 3d rendering toned image
Oil stocks to watch: Is the new Covid-19 a threat?

Oil stocks are in the limelight due to a new Covid-19 variant.

Manaswita Ghosh Dutta
3d render closeup of computer keyboard with NASDAQ 100 index button. Stock market indexes concept.
Five cheapest Nasdaq 100 stocks

As the Nasdaq 100 moves higher, we take a look at the cheapest stocks on the index.

Manaswita Ghosh Dutta
Symbol of trading on the stock market Is on the rise, Bull Market Signal, Global Trading
Five cheapest FTSE 100 shares

As the FTSE 100 is on the verge of hitting pre-pandemic levels, we look at the cheapest FTSE 100 shares.

Manaswita Ghosh Dutta

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