Jayson Derrick

Jayson Derrick has been writing professionally about stocks and economics since 2013. Prior to writing, he worked at a major prop trading firm where he implemented risk policies to safeguard firm capital. Jayson lives in Montreal and loves watching his favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. He also enjoys honing his skills as a weekend chef.

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Kraken IPO
Kraken IPO: what we know a year ahead of a highly-anticipated IPO

Kraken's plans for going public might be months away from confirming but we know quite a bit about the digital currency exchange’s business today.

Jayson Derrick
Dropbox (DBX) stock forecast for 2021-2025
Dropbox (DBX) stock forecast for 2021-2025: heading in the right direction

After a strong 2020 performance, will DBX share price rise? The bullish Dropbox share price forecast is based on management's ability to execute.

Jayson Derrick
DraftKings stock forecast 2021-2025
DraftKings (DKNG) stock forecast 2021-2025: favourable environment to drive shares higher

The case for a bullish DraftKings share price forecast is based on recent momentum and expectations of entering new markets. Wall Street analysts are debating how high will DKNG stock go but most agree there is upside potential from current levels.

Jayson Derrick
Amazon stock forecast 2021
Amazon stock forecast: all the pieces in place for more upside in 2021

Amazon stock buy or sell is among the most hotly debated topics on Wall Street but the e-commerce giant has all the pieces in place to justify upside in the Amazon share price forecast for 2021 and beyond.

Jayson Derrick
AT&T stock
AT&T stock forecast 2021: will shares recover after years of frustration?

After years of frustration, investors are forgiven for their skepticism in assigning a bullish AT&T stock forecast

Jayson Derrick
Best penny stocks for 2021
Best penny stocks for 2021: Top 5 picks

Many of the top penny stocks to watch in 2021 were former hot flyers that returned back to a normalised level, only to prepare for a new run higher.

Jayson Derrick
Paypal stock forecast 2021: new crypto exposure send shares higher

The longer-term Paypal share price forecast is based on the company’s commitment to expand its core business and heavily invest in its new cryptocurrency exposure.

Jayson Derrick
Gold price
Gold price analysis: here’s why gold trends are confusing

The gold analysis and forecast for March 2021 and beyond is difficult to model as the near-term weakness contrasts with the multi-year strength dating back to mid-2018

Jayson Derrick
Weibo stock forecast 2021
Weibo stock forecast and outlook ahead of Hong Kong offering

China’s Weibo share price forecast improved after reporting third quarter results and ahead of a Hong Kong secondary stock offering.

Jayson Derrick
Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic stock forecast 2021: to the moon or crashing down?

The Virgin Galactic share price forecast took a hit after Q4 results but the company can still prove its value by hitting future milestones.

Jayson Derrick
Spotify stock forecast: the music can continue

Shares of Spotify have already gained 300 per cent yet the case for upside to the Spotify share price forecast is easy to make.

Jayson Derrick
S&P 500 analysis
S&P 500 analysis: will the bull rally come to a painful end?

US stocks continued their hot streak in the first few weeks of 2021 and the S&P 500 technical analysis suggests the US 500 forecast remains bullish.

Jayson Derrick
US stocks
Best stocks to invest in February 2021: buy these four stocks

US stocks are on fire in 2021 and investors asking what stocks to invest in have plenty to choose from.

Jayson Derrick
Crude oil
Crude oil price forecast and analysis for February 2021: is a selloff imminent?

WTI crude is trading near a one-year and erased 2020's COVID-19 selloff. But does the recent crude oil price analysis support further upside?

Jayson Derrick
Bumble IPO
Bumble IPO: everything you need to know about one of 2021’s hottest listings

Bumble (BMBL) is going public on Thursday: Here is everything you need to know about the highly anticipated dating app company.

Jayson Derrick