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Oil calm despite troubled waters

From Iran and Venezuela to Russia and the United Arab Emirates, potential supply problems crowd the oil market. Yet prices have, so far, remained calm and energy officials have praised all who have helped stabilise the position.

Dan Atkinson
Gold fails to cash in on trade war, but that may be changing

As the US and China square up for an escalating trade dispute, gold should have benefitted as a safe-haven asset. This hasn’t really happened yet, but the price may be on the turn.

Dan Atkinson
Madrid stocks bounce back from recent lows but still trail the early 2018 performance

Spanish blue-chip shares have recovered from the slump since the start of the year but still lag in comparison to their performance 12 months ago. This is despite the current good health of the economy and a recent election victory for the moderate socialist party increasing the government’s political security.

Dan Atkinson
London markets ride out Brexit turbulence

As Britain counts down to European Parliament elections on 23 May, the pound and share prices began the week in resilient form. But with clouds gathering over the governing Conservative Party, this could change rapidly.

Dan Atkinson
Oil prices down despite tighter US sanctions

Crude oil prices were down this morning despite moves by Saudi Arabia to take advantage of US sanctions to raise prices. President Trump is averse to high fuel costs but his Energy Secretary has affirmed support for fossil fuels.

Dan Atkinson
Bolstered peso reflects Mexican resilience

Praise for Mexico’s strong economic policies and moderate output growth is reflected in an exchange rate that has barely moved during the past year. But uncertainty about future trade relationships with the US casts a cloud over the future.

Dan Atkinson

Trade tensions drag global markets into the red

The FTSE 100 closed at 7,260.47.

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Thomas Cook shares soar after Lufthansa’s Condor bid

Shares in the travel firm jumped 10.6% to 23.95p in trading on Tuesday.

Capital.com News
Bullion higher after gold-industry agreement with China

Gold made a strong start to May this morning after a month in which its price appeared unsettled. A major agreement with China may be helping to support bullion prices.

Dan Atkinson
Trading the big board: inside the S&P 500

By tradition, the Dow Jones index is synonymous with Wall Street, and the S&P 500 can seem overshadowed. But many believe its broader base makes it a better reflection of the state of US equity markets.

Dan Atkinson
London markets shrug off Brexit deadlock as question of European elections looms

The pound and share prices were resilient this morning despite continuing deadlock over the shape of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Generally cheery markets in the City contrasted with gloom in the political capital, Westminster.

Dan Atkinson
Crude prices higher as US tightens Iran sanctions

Oil prices were higher today in the wake of the US’s announcement that it wants Iranian crude exports reduce to zero. Washington said it will no longer exempt eight countries, including India and China, from sanctions if they trade with Iran.

Dan Atkinson
Pinterest IPO: another decacorn goes public

Pinterest – a famous international visual discovery engine – is going public. Learn the key facts about Pinterest’s upcoming IPO at Capital.com.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Hong Kong stocks leave Tokyo behind after five glorious years

The Hong Kong stock market is now the world’s third largest, overtaking the once-invincible Tokyo. A link with mainland Chinese exchanges has helped market capitalisation to soar during recent years.

Dan Atkinson
Rio Tinto to invest $302 million in US copper project

Rio Tinto to invest $302 million in US copper project

Gianluca Natoli