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Financial writer with 7 years of experience in financial management and financial analysis. I write technical content about economics, finance, investments, and real estate and I have also assisted financial businesses in building their digital marketing strategy. My favorite topics are value investing and financial analysis.

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Airlines stocks
European Airline stocks face multi-billion revenue losses as travel bans continue

Airlines stocks have taken the most serious hit during the coronavirus outbreak. Read the most recent European airline stocks analysis at

Alejandro Arrieche
London Stock Exchange share price history
London Stock Exchange share price history: on course to new heights before the coronavirus sell-off

Find out more about the London stock exchange share price history. View the London stock exchange performance today and decide whether to include it to your favourites for 2020.

Alejandro Arrieche
Alphabet share price forecast
Alphabet share price forecast: a great chance to put some chips on this tech giant at a decent price

Follow the latest Alphabet share price forecast and dive into the GOOGL stock analysis to form your own view on whether the world’s famous tech giant can bring you some attractive trading opportunities.

Alejandro Arrieche
Dow Jones predictions 2020
Dow Jones predictions 2020: the best days are over. What’s next?

Follow the latest Dow Jones predictions 2020 at Explore the US 30 forecast and form your own view on the major US stock market index performance.

Alejandro Arrieche
Gold price analysis
Gold price analysis: Will gold break its 2011 record high?

View our latest gold price analysis with Will the gold uptrend continue? Find out if the gold price surges or falls to spot the best trading opportunities.

Alejandro Arrieche
Vodafone share price history
Vodafone share price history: reaping benefits from the value of internet connectivity in today’s quarantined world

Find out more about Vodafone share price history. Explore Vodafone performance and decide whether to add the VOD stock to your favourites for 2020.

Alejandro Arrieche
Micron share price history
Micron share price history and sound financials encourage analysts to rate the stock as a ‘strong buy’

Explore the Micron share price history and follow the company’s evolution. Follow the MU stock performance in real-time to make thoughtful investment decisions.

Alejandro Arrieche
FTSE 100 news in March 2020
FTSE 100 news in March 2020: the major European index accumulates a 31.1% loss in a single month

Follow the latest news on the FTSE 100 in March 2020 with Spot the best opportunity to trade the UK 100 with CFD and find out whether its sharp downward movement continues.

Alejandro Arrieche