Investment enthusiast and an occasional writer. Intrigued by the impact of futuristic technologies, like cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, on society. Previous experience at Goldman Sachs and Lazard Asset Management.

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Best silver stocks to buy now
Best silver stocks to buy now: hunting for bargains

After a rollercoaster ride in 2020, does the recent pullback in silver present a buying opportunity? Read our silver stocks forecast to find out.

Accenture share price forecast
Accenture share price forecast: surfing the digitisation wave even higher in 2021?

Accenture is a great company but is it a good investment? Find out by reading our ACN share price forecast for the end of 2020 and beyond

Bitcoin price trend
Bitcoin price trend: read this if you want to invest in BTC today

Thinking about investing in Bitcoin? Here, we look at the BTC price trend and what might be in store for the biggest cryptocurrency

Carnival share price forecast
Carnival share price forecast 2020 and beyond: time for an incredible reverse?

Still down more than 65 per cent, will shares of Carnival sink or swim by the end of 2020? Read our Carnival share price forecast to find out.

How to trade Ethereum
How to trade Ethereum: the ultimate guide you’ve been looking for

Interested in Ethereum? Want to know where and how to trade ETH online? Read our comprehensive guide to find out.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin
Ethereum vs Bitcoin: which project has the upper hand in 2020?

The great Ethereum vs Bitcoin debate rages on. Here, we explore the fundamentals of the two projects and the investment prospects of their respective coins.

Microsoft stock forecast
Microsoft share price forecast: significant growth but at what price?

Microsoft stock forecast: should this technology giant be in your portfolio and does the potential TikTok acquisition matter? Read this article to find out.

Ethereum vs Ripple
Ethereum vs Ripple: which one should be in your portfolio in 2020?

In this Ethereum vs Ripple guide, we compare two of the most significant crypto projects and check out whether they belong in your investment portfolio.

How to start investing
How to start investing: from basics to pro tips

Figuring out how to start investing could be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. From the basics to strategy tips, we cover what you need to know.

Ethereum price forecast: looking for reasons to be bullish
Ethereum price forecast: looking for reasons to be bullish

PoS upgrade and the emergence of DeFi have dominated ETH coin news. Will the price of ETH follow the hype? Read our Ethereum price forecast to find out.

Best shares to invest in July
Best shares to invest in July: five stocks positioned for long-term growth

What are the best stocks to invest in July? We discuss companies with long-term, structural tailwinds in the Covid-19 world and beyond.

top 10 cryptocurrencies
From Bitcoin to VeChain: top 10 cryptocurrencies for your shopping list this summer

While bitcoin is always a good bet, what other projects have significant upside potential? We discuss the top 10 cryptocurrencies for your portfolio.

Will bitcoin rise
Will bitcoin go up: the fundamental bull case for BTC

After its mini bull run to $10,000 this year, will bitcoin go up further and test its all-time high in 2020? Read on to find out.

Most traded crypto in June 2020
Most traded crypto in June 2020: are we in the altcoin season?

As bitcoin prices stabilise, we discuss other exciting projects and some of the most traded cryptocurrencies in June

Zoom stock forecast
Zoom stock forecast: will the Covid-19 bounce continue?

Zoom stock forecast: will the share price continue to climb or is it time for a reality check? Read our article to find out.


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