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Valerie Medleva is a Digital Content Writer and a FinTech enthusiast. Born in Belarus, she lived in Cyprus for several years where she graduated with Magna Cum Laude with a BSc degree in Public Relations and Communications. She started her professional journey at the age of 18 by writing for various businesses and online publishings. Her work experience, purposefulness, and never-ending interest in the modern financial technologies have helped Valerie to continuously upgrade her skills and broaden her knowledge in the related sphere. Currently, Valerie Medleva is a full-time Content Copywriter at

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Barclays share price prediction for the rest of 2020
Barclays share price prediction for the rest of 2020: more turbulence ahead?

After the stock plunged dramatically in the first half of 2020, is the Barclays share price prediction full of gloom and doom? Read our article to find out

Valerie Medleva
Platinum price forecast 2020
Platinum price forecast 2020 and beyond: will the metal ever shine again?

Read our platinum price forecast to learn whether it is the right time to add this precious metal to your portfolio. Spot the best trading opportunities with

Valerie Medleva
Royalty Pharma IPO
Royalty Pharma IPO: is the stock worth the hype?

The Royalty Pharma IPO set a record as the largest US public offering this year. Let’s review what makes investors so excited about the stock and whether it is worth the hype it gets

Valerie Medleva
Lloyds share price forecast 2020
Lloyds share price forecast 2020: does the UK banking sector stand a chance of recovering?

After the stock has shed almost half of its value so far in 2020, does the Lloyds share price prediction look all gloomy? Or is now the right time to invest in one of the biggest British financial institutions?

Valerie Medleva
Ripple price news
Ripple price news: could the rally resume?

Ripple XRP news about the coin losing its title of the third-largest cryptocurrency has caught investors off guard. But is there a glimmer of hope in the XRP forecast for the summer? Read on to find out.

Valerie Medleva
WTI oil analysis for June 2020
WTI oil analysis for June 2020: will the bulls run out of breath?

Crude oil prices have bounced up significantly from the historic April lows, but is the rally set to run out of steam? Read our latest WTI oil analysis to find out.

Valerie Medleva
Warner Music Group IPO
Warner Music Group IPO: will it become a ‘summer hit’ in 2020?

While investors are waiting for the WMG IPO with bated breath, we have made a comprehensive guide to this multi-billion company to get you prepared for the upcoming event.

Valerie Medleva
Ethereum price prediction
Ethereum price prediction: could ETH outperform BTC in 2020?

Ethereum price prediction: find out what to expect from one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the coming months. Always spot the best trading opportunities with

Valerie Medleva
Oil price forecast 2020
Oil price forecast 2020 and beyond: is its future bleak?

Is now the right time to invest in this volatile commodity? Read our comprehensive oil price prediction 2020 to find out. Stay on top of the latest market news and analysts’ forecasts with

Valerie Medleva
Australian stock exchange
Australian stock exchange: a safe haven in the midst of chaos?

The Australian stock exchange is seeing steep losses after crude oil futures turned negative for the first time ever. Is there still a ray of hope for the country’s financial markets? Read on to find out.

Valerie Medleva
Italian stock market
Italian stock market: is there a future after the coronavirus pandemic?

Italy was already in a financially precarious position before Covid-19. Does the Italian stock market stand a chance to recover once the pandemic is over? Read our article to find out.

Valerie Medleva
GBP/USD analysis
GBP/USD analysis: does Cable’s crash to 1985 lows spell trouble to investors?

Check out our GBP/USD analysis to find out what factors drive the pair’s wild fluctuations and what might happen next. Always stay on top of the latest market developments with

Valerie Medleva
Silver analysis in March 2020
Silver analysis in March 2020: does the metal stand a chance to fully recover its losses?

Seeing this precious metal falling to its 2009 lows, should investors take it as the opportunity to buy the dip? Check out our latest silver analysis in March 2020 to find out.

Valerie Medleva
Stock market crash
Stock market crash is no longer a myth: where to invest to survive the downturn?

History repeats itself, and so do stock market crashes. If you are wondering how to react and where to invest to stay on the safe side of the fence, this article is for you.

Valerie Medleva
oil price drop
The worst oil price drop since 1991: is it only the beginning of the industry’s end?

The latest oil price drop has sent global financial markets wobbling as Saudi Arabia is set to start a price war against its one-time ally Russia. What happens next? Join to always stay on top of the latest market developments.

Valerie Medleva