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Tesla logo on a smartphone against the background of stock market trends.
Tesla stock forecast: everything you need to know

Learn about the latest Tesla stock predictions, key price drivers and risks.

Joseph Toppe
Tesla bumper
Tesla to improve diversity and inclusion, moving headquarters

CEO Elon Musk says Tesla will build its future Cybertruck and all-terrain EVs in Austin, Texas

Monte Stewart
Most-searched stocks on Google
Most-searched stocks on Google in 2021

Tesla ranks as the most-searched stock on Google, followed by Apple and Amazon. Research Team
Tesla boosts Model 3 and Model Y prices in US

Rival EV maker Lucid introduces new Gravity crossover.

Monte Stewart
Tesla factor gate
Why Tesla might see fireworks at its annual meeting tomorrow

An investor advisory service is calling for votes against two board members

Robert Davis
Photo of Tesla autombolies
Tesla hits new high for vehicle deliveries

EV giant overcomes supply chain challenges to deliver a record high number of vehicles in the third quarter.

Susan Mate

Solar roof on a house
Tesla ends vehicle referral program amid cost strains

Solar roof customers can still receive $500 for referrals

William Hoffman
Tesla stock
Tesla stock price in 5 years: is there room for further growth?

How could Tesla stock price look like in 5 years? Read more to build a plausible long-term Tesla forecast.

Alejandro Arrieche
Bitcoin leads midday markets dip

Indices down but leading stocks up following Labour Day break

Monte Stewart
Tesla Model 3
NHTSA orders Tesla to provide Autopilot data

Company could face $115m in fines if it refuses

Monte Stewart
A Tesla Model 3 electric car
India approves four Tesla models for country’s roads

Tesla may soon roll out cars in the world's fourth-largest auto market

M Rochan
Elon Musk on Twitter
Analyst praises Tesla’s AI potential

New D1 computer chip means Tesla not hostage to other microchip makers

Monte Stewart
Tesla robot image from AI Day event
Elon Musk should focus on the cars, not robots, expert says

Tesla expert Daniel Ives says Elon Musk's robot project risks 'irritating' investors

Monte Stewart
Image of a proposed humanoid robot in designed by Tesla
Musk unveils prototype Tesla android at AI event

Push to develop enhanced AI capabilities includes a humanoid robot next year

Monte Stewart
Automobile assembly line production
Semiconductor shortages to hurt auto industry till mid-2022

EV production levels under threat from supply chain issues

Mensholong Lepcha

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