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Emerging Markets – opportunity or risk?

Do emerging markets represent an opportunity to fast-track your investments? Back in the early Noughties, emerging markets were the place to be for the adventurous investor in search of a good return.

Richard Reed
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Sector analysis: Life insurance

Imagine an industry where customers hand over money each year, but potentially don’t ask for anything in exchange for decades. Sounds like a scam, yet this is how life insurance works.

Alison Bloomer

Investing in tech stocks can offer big rewards but not without risk

Strong performance from tech stocks has rekindled memories of the dot-com bubble. US internet stocks have again been among the strongest performing areas of the market. But are these big share price rises justified?

James Hester
insurance protecting a family

Sector analysis: General insurance

General insurance screams more grudge than glamour purchase. Yet in an ever-evolving world, no can dispute that the sector helps manage change and all the risks associated it.

Alison Bloomer
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Investments that benefit society and make money

Investing in ethical funds is all very well but what if you want to be more involved? Impact investing allows greater control on how your money can generate social or environmental benefits.

David Burrows

Overconfidence bias: think you know more than you do

The overconfidence effect or bias is what makes a person believe their ability is greater than the evidence supports. It is exaggerated in confident people, resulting in worse decisions

Chris Wheal

Familiarity bias: the availability heuristic adds memory

The familiarity bias or heuristic (rule of thumb) makes you invest in the familiar even though a less well-known alternative would produce a better return.

Chris Wheal

Financial regulation: how is M&A and market dominance tackled?

The best interests of consumers are not necessarily served by the marriage of two rival companies and competition authorities exist to ensure business sectors are not dominated by a single company

Neil Dennis

Four Quick Questions About Mortgage-Backed Securities

Explore the ABCs of mortgage-backed securities and risks they bear, find out how to calculate the average life of MBS and learn about prepayment assumptions.

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