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A worker looks at a tablet computer in a warehouse
Survey shows mixed news for US manufacturing

Expansive outlook increases for 18th-straight month, but labour and supply-chain issues persist

Carreen Maloney
Solar panels in the sunrise with an urban background
Renewable energy rising but needs to double pace, says IEA

The IEA says 2021 will set a record for new commissioned renewable energy capacity

William Hoffman
Car factory
Eurozone manufacturing growth dogged by supply-demand imbalance

Inflationary pressures building as demand outstrips supply, creating a 'sellers' market'

Neil Dennis
Workers at a Rolls-Royce car assembly plant in Chichester, England
Inflation and supply issues mar UK manufacturing growth

Growth picked up in November, but input prices rose to a 30-year survey high

Jenni Reid
German retail sales fall as higher prices weigh

Retail turnover remains 3.5% higher in November than the pre-pandemic level of February 2020

Neil Dennis
Flags of China and Singapore
China and Singapore make progress in ETF connectivity plan

CSRC has said China is working on further opening its capital markets to overseas investors.

Mensholong Lepcha

A house on sale in Australia
Australian house prices continue to rise in November

November was the fourteenth consecutive month of house price rises

Debabrata Das
Customer buying paint at a retail store
UK retailers raise prices for first time in two years

Retailers pass on the burden to public, thanks to commodity price pressures, job shortages

Adrian Holliday
Business graphic showing growth
UK private sector activity up despite supply chain anxieties

CBI says that manufacturers will increase prices by record amount over next quarter

Adrian Holliday
UK house price sign
Average UK house prices predicted to rise by 5% in 2022

Buyer demand and supply pressures likely to push up UK house prices

David Burrows
Street view of Melbourne's central business district
Australia’s GDP contracts less than expected in third quarter

The Australian government and central bank were expecting a larger contraction

Debabrata Das
Closeup of a young man checking a bill, a budget or a payroll with a calculator, filtered effect
India’s budget deficit reaches 36.3% of target in 7 months

Difference between government revenue and expenditure for FY22 within estimated band

Anoop Agrawal
Christmas gift giving could set a record this year, according to retail
Omicron variant may make US holiday shopping more robust

The National Retail Federation detailed weekend numbers and affirmed its record forecast

Andrew Knoll
The word transitory on a dictionary page
US Fed chair grilled on inflation outlook

Better word than ‘transitory’ needed to describe inflation's duration

Daniel Tyson
Supply chain representation with ship and plane
Supply-chain crisis probed by US Federal Trade Commission

US President Joe Biden met with chief executives Monday for answers

Daniel Tyson

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