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Claire Hunte

Claire Hunte has worked in the UK and US. She was launch editor of the World Life Insurance Report, and worked on and was managing editor at Investor Relations and Corporate Secretary in the US. She has also worked for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and PwC.

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Trading chart on a mobile phone

Top 7 tips for successful trading

The goal may be to reach financial freedom or to maintain it through successful trading.

Claire Hunte
Wooden blocks with fee spelt out

The importance of overnight fees

An overnight fee is an interest charge we have to make when you hold a leveraged position open overnight.

Claire Hunte
Statue in Wall St

Is it best to temper great expectations for US equities?

Until recently, it felt like the greatest of times as the nine-year long bull run galloped on, but given the Dow’s latest 400-point plummet, a key question becomes is the worse yet to come for US equities? 

Claire Hunte
China economy depicted by barometer

China’s economy fords troubled waters of trade

Little sign that China's booming economy is flagging as growth figures released today shows it is holding steady at 6.8%.

Claire Hunte
Businessman at desk building a financial graph with toy blocks

Corporate earnings, shape of things to come

By all accounts, first quarter earnings look phenomenal thanks to a tax boost but whether or not they're enduring causes a ripple of concern.

Claire Hunte
3D image classic shipping container with China's flag

Trump levies tariffs on China and US markets sink

US equities gave a tumultuous response to President Donald Trump’s newly imposed tariffs on $60bn in Chinese imports to the US as the Dow closed down more than 700 points on Thursday.

Claire Hunte
Facebook icon

Tech wreck? When lost data, a privacy breach, politics and Facebook collide

Facebook lost more than just face after the story broke on Monday that a firm, Cambridge Analytica, allowed to share user data manipulated it for political ends.

Claire Hunte
Barometer gauging US inflation

Reading the inflation gauge

US consumer prices rose 0.2% on Tuesday in line with estimates and are bound to soothe rattled equities markets.

Claire Hunte
Steel melting and oxidising under high pressure and temperature. Four cups full of melted glowing gold, pouring in special forms on a blurred industrial background

Trump’s tariffs ignite fears of a global trade war

President Donald Trump’s abrupt announcement of steep tariffs on steel and aluminium on Thursday caused seismic market reactions with the Dow plunging over 400 points at close and sparking a sell off in Asian and European equities on Friday.

Claire Hunte
Wall Street sign

US update: Market rally, techs lead, General Mills in $8bn deal for Blue Buffalo

Stock prices advanced broadly on Friday as investors stepped up their buying shrugging off recent interest rate and inflation worries.

Claire Hunte
Pair of feet standing on a tarmac road with arrows pointing in different directions

Stocks and dollar struggle for direction, says Centtrip analyst

After a tumultuous week, the stock market, Miles Eakers, chief market analyst at Centtrip says is struggling for direction.

Claire Hunte
Snap sign on the New York Stock Exchange

Snapchat hit by reality star influence and unpopular redesign

Snapchat has had a long week. Its redesign has been unpopular as 1.2 million users vote for a rollback and on Thursday the company had $1.7bn of share value wiped off after reality star, Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame and uber Snapchat user, tweeted unfavourable views.

Claire Hunte
Landmark Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Avenue New York City

Chinese government seizes control of Anbang Insurance

Anbang Insurance, owners of Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and other high-profile real estate properties around the world was taken over by the Chinese government and its former chairman Wu Xiaohui has been charged with economic crimes

Claire Hunte
New York Stock Exchange

US update: Dow and S&P rise, energy gains as oil resurges, dollar retreats

Stock prices finished higher on Thursday after swinging between highs and lows in late-afternoon trading demonstrating what a volatile bull market looks like.

Claire Hunte
New York Stock Exchange

US update: Stocks fall after initial Fed minutes lift, Treasuries yields hit high note

The release of Federal Reserve minutes first fuelled Wall Street gains, before flaming out as the market drew to a close on Wednesday sending stocks lower for the second straight session.

Claire Hunte