Angelique Ruzicka

Angelique Ruzicka is a freelance journalist and founder of content agency Rare85. For more than 20 years she’s worked and freelanced for several websites, magazines, and newspapers both in the United Kingdom and abroad, specialising mainly in personal finance and business content. Her work currently appears on the MailOnline, This is Money, The i, and national South African newspaper City Press.

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Non-fungible tokens on smart phone and background
Will NFT trading go mainstream if introduced on Meta (FB)?

There are rumours that Facebook parent Meta Platforms (FB) will launch an NFT marketplace – is it a good thing?

Angelique Ruzicka
A Credit Suisse building
Credit Suisse (CS) profit warning unlikely to presage weak earnings

Can investors look forward to a successful fourth-quarter European bank earnings season?

Angelique Ruzicka
Graphic showing a Union Jack and downward finance arrow
UK’s services and manufacturing PMIs fall below expectations

Omicron, cost pressures and staff shortages impact UK business, and BoE set to raise rates

Angelique Ruzicka
Falling bar graph in the middle of oil barrels
Why is brent crude above $88 for the first time since 2014?

We list the main drivers behind oil prices climbing to their highest level since 2014

Angelique Ruzicka
Man covering his face looking at chart with downward forecast
How emotions can impact your investment decisions

You can make the wrong decisions whether you’re happy or sad. It’s key to stick to a plan

Angelique Ruzicka
A housebuilder standing, hands on hips, looking at a project
Are UK housebuilders set to benefit from a strong market in 2022?

There is a strong demand for homes, but not all the conditions are right for housebuilders

Angelique Ruzicka
Scissors cut yellow ribbons with text Covid-19 lockdown
Where to invest to benefit from lockdown lifts

Recovery stocks offer some excitement, but their performance could be short-lived

Angelique Ruzicka
Unicorn illustration of ball among boxes
Finding the next Apple (AAPL): unicorns that can go stellar

Finding a unicorn may be easier than you think. But you’ll be in for a bumpy ride

Angelique Ruzicka
Social media apps owned by large tech firms on a smartphone
How to prepare for a tech bubble

US tech stocks have done well in recent years, but is this performance set to last?

Angelique Ruzicka
Glass jar holding coins with the word Dividend
Should I invest in companies that do not pay dividends?

Many companies don’t pay dividends, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest

Angelique Ruzicka
A birthday cake with the bitcoin symbol on top
Lucky 13? Bitcoin’s (BTC) hash rate hits record on birthday

As bitcoin becomes a teenager, it also becomes more mainstream

Angelique Ruzicka
Illustrative image showing a small house and stacks of coins
Consumers save less and ramp up credit card debt says BoE

We could see record remortgage activity as many existing mortgage products come to an end

Angelique Ruzicka
View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris from a park pathway
French manufacturers see supply chain issues abating - PMI

French manufacturers saw new orders increase during December

Angelique Ruzicka
Berlin skyline at sunset
German manufacturers more confident about growth in 2022

German manufacturers are more optimistic, but supply chains remain under pressure

Angelique Ruzicka
A cog embossed with the EU flag sits on top of a series of other cogs
EU growth disappointing despite supply issues easing, says PMI

Data shows Italy in the lead with manufacturing growth while France remains the weakest

Angelique Ruzicka

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