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several palladium stones, a chemical element that at room temperature contracts in the solid state. Metal used in industry. Spot focus
Palladium price forecast: Will the market rebound in 2022?

Can the palladium price reverse its sharp fall following May’s all-time high?

Nicole Willing
Stacks of gold bullion bars
Gold price forecast for 2022 and beyond: A buy, hold or sell?

Can gold re-establish a position above $8,000 in 2022, or will it remain under pressure?

Nicole Willing
Investment, banking, business concept: 3d render silver ingot bars. Economy and finance line chart surface. Treasure blocks. Profit in stock markets. Data diagram visualizing global economy exchanges
Silver price forecast for 2022 and beyond: Can the metal rebound?

Will the silver price remain under pressure or break out to stage a recovery?

Nicole Willing
Starfish Hill wind farm at Cape Jervis, South Australia
Carbon capture tech will not help Australia meet zero emission

There are serious questions about the safety of injecting carbon underground

Fitri Wulandari
Copper price forecast
Copper price forecast: Will it surpass its all-time high?

Where are copper prices expected to move after the market retreated from recent highs?

Nicole Willing
A cup of coffee being made at a coffee shop
Coffee and sugar prices to stay elevated in the new year

Coffee, cocoa and sugar saw price increases last year due to weather and supply chain woes

Jenal Mehta

Oil pump, industrial equipment
Oil price forecast 2022: Prices firm amid supply uncertainty

Oil prices are estimated to continue trading above $70 as tight supply takes time to ease

Fitri Wulandari
An oil rig
Crude futures depend on global events

From Europe to Africa and Latin America, topical events affect crude prices

Daniel Tyson
Blast furnace for melting liquid steel in steel mills
Steel price forecast: Will Chinese output cut support the market in 2022?

The global steel market is expected to weaken in 2022. Will Chinese output cut support prices?

 Yoke Wong
A worker watches copper smelting at a smelter
Six commodities hit by soaring energy prices in 2021

Energy-intensive metals producers bore the brunt of rising energy prices this year

Fitri Wulandari
Forex, Commodities, Equities, Fixed Income and Emerging Markets: the charts and summary info show about
Best commodities investments: will demand continue in 2022?

How will interest rate hikes and supply disruptions impact commodities market in 2022?

 Yoke Wong
Bags of Brazilian coffee
Brazil lowers coffee output to keep prices high in 2022

Freak frosts, heavy rain in 2021 will result in lower production levels for next year

Fitri Wulandari
A natural gas processing plant
Natural gas price forecast: Strong demand to lift US prices?

Will strong export demand and higher consumption provide support for US natural gas prices?

 Yoke Wong
cobalt stone on black isolated background.
Cobalt price forecast: Will rising supply pressure the market?

Cobalt prices soared in 2021, will they fall in 2022 as supplies increase?

 Yoke Wong
Mining of Tantalum, Nickel, Cobalt, lithium. Miniature worker mining metal Tantalum and silver. Mining business, Mineral Resources.
Lithium price forecast: Will market deficit push prices up?

Lithium prices soared this year, after a depressed 2020. Will they push higher in 2022?

 Yoke Wong

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