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Adrian has written about property, pensions and investing for almost 20 years, from Teletext to the Observer and AOL. He is a believer in diversity, low transaction costs – and simplicity.

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Scandinavian trading titans: Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden are regularly lauded as economic and social super-models. Free market capitalism and a generously backed welfare state? Tick. A commitment to private ownership and a robust public sector? Tick. Strong growth balanced by high levels of redistribution? Tick again. 

Adrian Holliday
UK Q1 GDP slumps to 0.1%, sterling plummets

UK growth came in at a crawl year-on-year for the first quarter of 2018 – just 0.1% according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS)

Adrian Holliday
Photo of purse and UK flag
Cryptos to come in from the cold?

How do you regulate the most hyped, chaotic asset class ever seen?

Adrian Holliday
Photo of stock market board at night
Could anchoring bias wreck your trading strategy?

We all have our anchor points and not all will be in good nick.

Adrian Holliday
Photo of oil worker looking at rigs
What's driving crude oil prices?

The price of crude oil has surged 20% in the last year. Part of the price climb was the result of stronger global growth and emerging market demand. And in the last six weeks the oil price has headed north again.

Adrian Holliday
Photo of Threadneedle Street
Bank of England votes 7-2 for no-change

The Bank of England, as predicted by City analysts, left UK interest rates on hold 0.50% today

Adrian Holliday
Photo of Westminster Square
Are cryptos in danger of respectability?

Once the filthy, low-down enfant terrible of established finance, crypto currencies are now on nodding terms with some big City names.

Adrian Holliday
Photo of Theresa May
Only fools know the future of sterling

A year on from the triggering of Article 50, has sterling taken a breather?

Adrian Holliday
Photo of AR-15 rifle on US flag
Which stocks are vulnerable from the US firearms Florida tragedy?

On Valentine’s Day 2018, 17 students aged between 14 and 17 were executed in a hailstorm of bullets

Adrian Holliday
Cope with loss aversion and use stop losses effectively

Knowing when to quit is a life skill. With trading and investing a clean exit is generally a combination of judgement and luck.

Adrian Holliday
US and European flags
Is the euro over-valued?

Is the euro overvalued? Given that the currency is +16% higher against the US dollar in the last year the question is legitimate.

Adrian Holliday
Photo of BA plane
PM update: IAG and RBS shares slump, VW profits climb, US shares up

There was little cheer from the FTSE 100 earlier, sinking -0.30% as IAG shares lost altitude, down -5.5%.

Adrian Holliday
Photo of RBS logo
AM update: RBS reveals surprise £752m profit, IAG profits up, celeb tweet shock hits Snap

This morning a £752m profit for RBS.

Adrian Holliday
PM update: Flybe shares take off, Ford appoints new boss, UK GDP revised down

The Dow hadn’t managed to re-cross the 25,000 line mid-afternoon

Adrian Holliday
Photo of Barclays logo
AM update: Barclays hit by £1.9bn loss, Centrica profits slump 17.4%, Asian shares slip

Japanese and Hong Kong shares were down overnight slipping -1.07% and -1.12% while the Shanghai Composite soared more than +2%.

Adrian Holliday