Popular strategies for trading

Fine-tune your skill level with our comprehensive trading strategy guides.

Swing trading

Learn the key techniques of  a medium-term strategy.
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Position trading

Explore the principles of holding longer-term positions.
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Trend trading

Find out how to identify, monitor and act on market trends.
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Day trading

Discover the core concepts around opening and closing positions within the course of a day.
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Our most-read trading guides

Brush up on the key concepts of margin, trading and investing.

Margin trading

Trading with borrowed money (margin) calls for strategic thinking.
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Trading vs investing guide

Understand the key differences between trading and investing.
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Expand your trading abilities

Discover more resources to boost your strategies and manage your P&L.

Technical analysis

Understand moving averages and identify patterns and strategies with our technical analysis guides.

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Market analysis

Visit our analysis section for more strategies and trading ideas.

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