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Trading beginners

If you’ve never traded before or you’ve only just started.

Trading essentials

Access all the essentials in one guide with our definitive introduction to trading.
Trading essentials guide

Risk management

Ensure you understand all the risks involved before you place your first trade.
Risk-management guide

Market guides

Learn about the thousands of markets we offer, and how you can trade them.
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Demo account

Practice trading risk-free before opening a live account.
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Experienced traders

If you’re already trading and looking to expand your knowledge.

Technical analysis

Elevate your technical abilities with our comprehensive guides.
Technical analysis guides

Trading strategies

Empower your trades with even more advanced strategies.
Trading strategies guide

Trading psychology

Discover how to manage your emotions, discipline and biases when it counts.
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Market analysis

Enjoy market insights for traders, by traders. Including ideas from the TradingView blog.
Market analysis guides

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