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What is a whisper number?

Whisper number

It's the rumoured earnings per share about to be reported by a public company, and is often the result of a ‘gut feeling’ about a business. It sets tongues wagging among traders if it differs from the consensus forecast, which is generally analyst driven.

Where have you heard about whisper numbers?

They’re like Chinese whispers going round investment markets, and may spark traders into buying or selling a particular asset. Several websites dedicated to whisper numbers have emerged in recent years where people can share tips with other members and visitors.

What you need to know about whisper numbers.

Whisper numbers are most useful when they differ from the consensus opinion as they can sometimes predict earnings surprises. Unexpected announcements often lead to sharp changes in a stock’s price. When actual earnings exceed forecasted earnings, the share price jumps, and vice versa.

Although some rumoured earnings numbers might be based on fact, they’re more likely to be as a result of speculation that might or might not be logical, so you have to make your own assessment about the quality of the whisper number before acting upon it.

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