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What is the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Called the TSE for short, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Japan. It was founded in 1878 so government bonds that had been issued to former samurai could be traded. Today, it lists more than 2,200 companies, including several foreign corporations.

Where have you heard about the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

The TSE is one of the biggest and most famous exchanges in the world, and is known for having a big influence on global finances. Its listed companies include well-known Japanese giants such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Sony.

What you need to know about the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The benchmark stock index of the TSO/TYO is the Nikkei 225, which comprises 225 companies selected by Japan’s largest daily business newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

The listed stocks are divided into 5 sections:

  • First Section: This is for large companies, which are tracked by the TOPIX (TOkyo stock Price IndeX)
  • Second Section: Medium-sized companies are listed here
  • Mothers: This section is for high-growth and emerging start-ups
  • Jasdaq Section: Companies using unique technologies are among those listed here
  • Tokyo Pro Market: This is geared towards professional investors and characterised by a designated adviser, or J-Adviser, system.

Find out more about the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Read our definition of the Nikkei 225 to learn more about the blue-chip companies listed on the TSE.

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