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What is the Sola Access Information Language?

Sola Access Information Language

The Sola Access Information Language, often abbreviated to SAIL, is a native communication protocol and the main front end access electronic communication protocol for the Sola Trading platform. It has developed specifically for the platform by Sola Trading – the platform also supports FIX protocol and STAMP protocol.

Where have you heard about the Sola Access Information Language?

If you’ve ever used a Sola Trading platform – an electronic trading system platform that manages the transactions of securities products for derivative exchanges – then there’s a chance that you will have used the Sola Access Information Language, even if you’re not specifically aware of using it.

What you need to know about the Sola Access Information Language.

The Sola Trading platform was created and designed by the Montreal Exchange, who first went live with the platform in 2005. Since then, the platform has been licensed for use for the trading of futures, options, forwards and other exchange-listed derivative securities by a number of other markets across the globe. These include the Boston Options Exchange, the Olso Stock Exchange (for derivatives only), Borsana Italiana’s Italian Derivatives Equity Market, EDX London and Turquoise, a multilateral trading facility for trading European derivatives. The Sola platform has been noted by experts as one of the "big three" suppliers of trading technology to exchanges around the world, alongside NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq OMX.

Find out more about the Sola Access Information Language.

To better understand the function of the Sola Access Information Language, it’s useful to understand derivatives markets.

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