Advantages of share dealing at

1,000 markets
No commission
Powerful charts
Instant price alerts
Multiple watchlists
Easy deposit and fast withdrawal
Transfers between accounts
Available for FCA and CySEC clients

Why buy and sell stocks at

Take a longer-term approach to investing in shares. Deal shares with a reliable broker, make profit and earn income from dividends. Hold them as long as you need and sell at the best possible price, all in one place.

More than 1,000 markets. Excellent usability

Invest in stocks with Access the top-traded shares and ETFs and filter them by industry, country or sector

AI-powered trading app

Our smart bias detection system helps to boost trading performance and delivers personalised trading insights.

No commission to pay

Start with a small initial deposit of £20 (€20, $20) and buy/sell shares with no commission, just competitive dealing spreads

Free trading education

We offer the Investmate educational app, a popular YouTube channel with market reviews, free online courses and in-depth trading guides

Best-in-class charting

We deliver the ultimate share dealing experience with interactive charts, 75 technical indicators, instantaneous price alerts and multiple watchlists

Reliable share dealing broker

FCA and CySEC regulated, ensures your funds are fully protected and stored securely in segregated bank accounts

How to buy shares at

Open a stocks account

Get verified with a trustworthy share dealing broker

Spot an investment opportunity

Select from a wide range of available stocks to invest in

Buy and sell stocks

Make longer term investments and profit at your own pace