CFD 属于复杂的高风险金融工具,其杠杆作用可能导致投资者迅速亏损。 84% 的散户投资者因进行 CFD 交易遭受资金损失。 请您谨慎考虑自己是否了解 CFD 操作,以及是否能够接受高额亏损的风险。 是 FCA、ASIC 和 CySEC 批准的许可公司,致力于打造世界上最好的交易体验。就这么简单。为我们的平台提供支持的人工智能技术不仅独一无二,而且屡获殊荣:

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2022 — voted ‘Best Forex Broker 2022’ by TradingView — is a multi-award winning global trading platform authorised and regulated in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Recognised for its quality 24/7 customer support, excellent user experience and competitive fees, is fast emerging  as a leader in the European leveraged trading industry.

With access to over  3700 markets, clients can trade CFDs with leverage across the world’s most popular indices, commodities, shares and currency pairs.  In markets where it is permissible, we also offer clients access to popular cryptocurrencies CFDs. From Apple and Facebook to the FTSE 100 and EUR/USD and many more, you can trade CFDs on both the web and your smartphone with a simple and intuitive platform tailored to help you trade smarter.

Testament to its burgeoning reputation as a broker of choice among global retail traders, reported stellar growth in 2022. For the first time the total number of user accounts on the platform reached more than 7 million while total trading volumes across the platform crossed $1 trillion.



7+ mln


$1+ trn



Capital Com (UK) Limited在英格兰和威尔斯注册,公司注册号10506220。公司获得英国金融行为监管局(FCA)授权,并受其监管,注册号793714

Capital Com SV Investments Limited是一家在塞浦路斯注册的公司,公司注册号HE 354252。公司获得塞浦路斯证券交易委员会(CySEC)授权,并受其监管,许可证号319/17。

Capital Com Australia Limited (ABN 47 625 601 489) 是一家在澳大利亚注册并受澳大利亚证券和投资委员会 (ASIC) 根据澳大利亚金融服务牌照(AFSL) 513393 监管的公司。


Peter Hetherington

Group Chief Executive Officer

Alida Cesani

Chief People Officer

Pavel Krasilevich

Head of Security

Ariel Segev

Group CFO

Tarik Chebib

Chief Revenue Officer and CEO of Dubai office

Those who trade with us can rely on the expertise of a large and experienced team of more than 800 staff spread across 9 offices around the globe. Our leadership team has significant experience in the online trading space with a deep understanding of the legislative and regulatory environment.

They have a highly impressive record in creating the technology that underpins financial systems. Other team members include acclaimed content specialists, leading data scientists and experts in the psychological implications of financial dealing. The people we employ believe in fintech, digital democracy, and the positive effects new technologies can have on the world.

Valentina Rzheutskaya

Head of Legal and Compliance

Vadim Soloveychik

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Lin

CEO Australia

Kypros Zoumidou

Chief Commercial Officer



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