Név Eladás Vásárlás Árrés Táblázatok (2 napok)

CFD-ek a indexeken

Speculate on marketwide changes with index CFDs. The FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Euro Stoxx 50 all have their ups and downs, and you can benefit by trading their price directly.

Részvény CFD-k

Trading share CFDs lets you speculate on prices of all popular markets with leverage and tight spreads.

CFD-ek az criptovalute

Explore the latest financial markets with cryptocurrencies. Trade on the volatile crypto market rises and falls.

CFD-ek az árukon

Trade CFDs on a wide range of commodities, including Brent and Crude Oil, Gold and Silver. Enjoy outstanding flexibility when speculating on the world of natural resources with low margin CFDs.

Forex CFD-k

Take advantage of global economic announcements and trends by trading CFDs on a huge variety of currency pairs, both widespread and niche.

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