Features of CFD trading

  • Trade cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, shares and indices 
  • High risk
  • Complex
  • Trade with leverage
  • User-friendly platform
  • Fast withdrawals1
  • Multiple chart types
  • Fair, transparent pricing2
  • Both short and long positions
  • Demo mode 
  • Unlimited watchlists
  • Integrated financial news
  • 24/7 dedicated support

198.5% of withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, according to our internal server data from 2024.

2Our fee for executing your trade is the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price. Find full fee information on our charges and fees page.

Fair, transparent pricing

Get full clarity on the spreads and fees we charge.


Our fee for executing your trade is the spread – the difference between the buy and sell price. Spreads are dynamic and change depending on the underlying market conditions.


No commission

We don’t charge any commission on your trades. There are instances where you may pay other types of trading fees, like overnight fees or when guaranteed stop-losses* are triggered.


*Not all stop-losses are guaranteed.

Platforms: all the tools you need to trade

Web platform

Discover our intuitive, user-friendly technology with 75+ chart indicators and integrated risk management.


Mobile app

Enjoy a streamlined trading experience with all our key features at your fingertips, and trade thousands of markets on the go.

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the simplicity and the pros of this app makes it amazing and a useful app


I have already tested many brokers and I can definitely say that Capital.com is the most professional trading tool.


Capital.com is a good broker. I haven't had any problems with the trading platform but i qould advise that they add an option for either using lots or units.


I am in the first time but I look this website in YouTube there's a very good and safe platform for a traders Thinks for taking my opinion


great UI, simple platform, low spreads, great coverage

Jihad Kattar

The videos are easy to follow, i get my profits and downs and understand the market now even more. This app is very well to understand. I would recommend this app to friends if they want to know.


Good and amazing app for trading and easy setups easy and smooth buy and sell amazing


Excellent for people who would like to get and build all the experience needed to navigate to Stock Market.


Overall my experience is very good with capital, the one best thing is they give you call support with most other broker apps don’t gives.


I have been usingCapital.comm platform for a year now. I did have some issues with using the platform in the earlier days but I received excellent support from Capital.com guiding me in the process of learning about the platform and put me on track. I am very happy with this platform and find it very easy to use for my trading needs. Capital.com also arranged a series of trading webinars last summer, which I attended and benefited from.

Dr Anjum Pervez

The best app for trade ever I tried to much trade app and this is the best


Great website, easy to use and user friendly. Lot of markets to trade with. Good database of information and learning tutorials for beginner. Great customer support. I had some issues and they helped me solve them rapidly. One of the best broker, I recommend.

Nicolas Crampet

Trusted trading Platform Capital.com is the most trusted trading platform I ever experienced. Even without taking any demo,I have started funding and it’s going well. It is a very easy platform for the beginners and can have better trading experience by using this


great app, love the weekly and monthly insights, and review they send about my trading habits. spread for gold is usually 0.3 but at times fluctuates up to 0.9 this often makes it hard trading on the low time frames and not losing my position to spread even if my bias was correct, if the spread was better I'd give 5 star.

chris hoeben

Capital.com is the best broker of all time and I Should give it five stars but there is a small issue about execution of my orders through traddingview it is a bit slow. But the execution of orders directly from the capital.com App or Website is absolutely fast and apart from that everything is simple incredible.