Moving averages articles 

Learn about the technical analysis trading tools that calculate historical average prices.

Moving average

Understand historical prices better.
Moving average guide

Exponential moving average

A more data-rich MA.
EMA guide

Hull moving average

A fast and smooth MA.
Hull moving average guide

Arnaud Legoux

An MA that reduces lag and noise.
Arnaud Legoux guide

Patterns and strategies articles

Discover the patterns that can illuminate historical and potential price action.

Candlestick patterns

Price trend analysis with candlesticks.
Candlestick patterns guide

Heikin-Ashi candlesticks

For enhanced highlighting of trends.
Heikin-Ashi candlesticks guide

Fibonacci retracements

For key support and resistance levels.
Fibonacci retracement guide

Bollinger bands®

Volatility and trend indicators.
Bollinger bands® guide

Head and shoulders

Chart pattern used in technical analysis.
Head and shoulders guide

Support and resistance

Key price levels from historical action.
Support and resistance guide

Indicators and oscillators guides

Find out more about the tools that forecast the price movements of markets.

Relative strength index 

Momentum and overbought/oversold indicator.
Relative strength index guide

Average directional index 

A trend strength management tool.
Average directional index guide

McGinley dynamic indicator 

A smoothed price momentum indicator.
McGinley dynamic indicator guide

Average true range 

Measuring volatility in trading.
Average true range guide

Accumulation/distribution line 

For volume-based price trend analysis.
Accumulation distribution line guide

Mass index 

For detecting potential trend reversals.
Mass index guide


Momentum oscillator for trading trends.
MACD guide

Parabolic SAR

Trailing stop and trend-following tool.
Parabolic SAR guide

Expand your trading abilities

Access additional resources to develop your trading abilities and enhance your strategies.

Trading strategies

Learn about the key strategic concepts and techniques that could change the way you think about your next trade.

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