Vulnerability: what to be aware of?

At, we’re committed to supporting our clients’ financial, physical and mental health wherever we can. We understand that trading can be stressful and can potentially impact a client’s behaviour both in and away from the financial markets. That’s why it’s important for you to be mindful of potential vulnerabilities such as:

 - Trading with funds earmarked for household expenses
 - Trading with funds you can’t afford to lose
 - Spending excessive time trading instead of working or seeing loved ones
 - Trading recklessly without proper risk management
 - Fixating on bad trading outcomes
 - Attempting to cope with the pressure of trading by using medication

Your vulnerability risk 

Vulnerabilities can arise at any time during trading, even if you’re experienced in navigating the markets. Because of this, we’re ready to support all clients who raise concerns with us, or demonstrate certain behaviours. 

Vulnerable clients may engage in one or more of the following actions:

 - Risking the financial wellbeing of oneself or family members
 - Chasing losses with larger-than-normal positions
 - Going into debt to fund positions
 - Failing to disclose trading activity to family

Those who suspect they may be at risk might want to ask themselves:

 - Am I looking after myself mentally and physically, for example by following a good diet, exercising, and taking breaks from the markets?
 - Is trading impacting my sleep/eating habits?
 - Are my relationships with others unduly affected by my trading activity?
 - Am I using medication to cope with trading losses?
 - Do my trading outcomes affect my sense of self-worth?
 - Do I ever feel suicidal as a result of negative trading outcomes?

If you answered yes to any of these, you can contact us in confidence.

What happens if you’ve become vulnerable

At, we have a range of measures in place designed to identify some signs of vulnerability. In the event of your account activity raising an alert, our system will flag the occurrence and our agents will get in touch to discuss your potential vulnerability, as well as alert you to the measures that could improve your situation. 

It is not possible for us to identify and monitor all forms of potentially vulnerable behaviours. If you need support as a result of a change in your trading behaviour, we’re here to help, but it is essential that you raise this with our support staff as soon as possible. Whether your risk-management practices have slipped or you’re uncomfortable with how much of your time is occupied by trading, you can be assured of a safe, supportive environment in which to raise your concerns. 

Temporary or permanent account suspension is always an option with us, and you are free to request reactivation if you start to feel more comfortable in your trading habits. Additionally, we’ll provide you with resources that can connect you with the help you need and amend your psychology if necessary.

Was there a mistake?

Your account may have been flagged in error; for example, if you haven’t recently updated your declared wealth. In this case, please clarify this with our support staff if you’re contacted, and our team and we will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible. 

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