Opening an account


Closing an account

We won’t charge you for deciding to end your trading journey with us.


Demo account

Practise your strategies in a simulated trading environment with virtual funds.


Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit fee

You won’t pay anything to add funds to your account.


Minimum deposit

The smallest amount you can add to your account to start trading.

20 USD/EUR/GBP or 80 AED

Withdrawal fee

We’ll never charge you for moving your money out of your account.


Minimum withdrawal

The smallest amount you can withdraw to your card or bank account.

50 USD/EUR/GBP or 190 AED*

*In case you have under 50 USD/EUR/GBP or 190 AED on your trading account, you can only withdraw the whole balance.


The spread

Our fee for executing your trade is the spread – the difference between the buy and sell price. Find out more

Spreads are dynamic and change depending on the underlying market conditions. Check the individual spread for a specific instrument here.

Trading commission

We don’t charge any commission on your trades.


Overnight funding adjustment

An adjustment that applies when you hold a position overnight.
Your 1:1 leverage CFD positions on shares and cryptocurrencies are not subject to overnight funding.

 Find out more

The fee will either be paid or received, depending on whether you are long or short. Find the fees for each instrument here.

Currency conversion

When you trade on a market denominated in a different currency to your account, you will pay a conversion fee.

0.7% of the spot forex rate

Guaranteed stops

A guaranteed stop-loss (GSL) closes the trade at exactly the price level you specify, with no risk of gapping or slippage. Your loss never exceeds the predicted level, but you’ll pay a small fee if your GSL is triggered. Find out more

The GSL fee varies depending on the market you are trading, the position’s open price and the quantity. You can check the fee on the deal ticket before opening your trade. Find how the GSL fee is calculated here.

Check the individual spread and overnight funding adjustments for a specific instrument

SellBuySpreadLong position overnight funding adjustmentShort position overnight funding adjustmentGuaranteed stop premium
Oil - BrentBrent Crude Oil Spot
HK50Hong Kong 50
ETH/USDEthereum to US Dollar
SilverSilver Spot
US30US Wall Street 30
Natural GasUS Natural Gas Spot
BTC/USDBitcoin to US Dollar

What is the spread?

The bid-ask spread is the difference between the bid and ask (‘sell’ and ‘buy’) prices of the security. The ask price (also known as the offer price) always exceeds the bid price, so the price needs to move through the spread before an open position turns a profit. The bid-ask spread can be seen as a measure of supply and demand for a certain asset on the market, and therefore the market’s liquidity is a big factor in how narrow the spread is.

What is the overnight funding adjustment?

Every time you hold a trade open overnight, your position will be subject to an interest fee. How the fee is calculated – and whether you pay or receive it – depends on a range of factors. You can take a look at some specifics in the examples below.

How is the overnight funding adjustment calculated?


Relevant interest-rate benchmark (e.g. SOFR for underlyings denominated in the US dollar) +/- our daily fee (0.01096% or 4% annually)‌


Underlying market adjustment (futures basis) +/- our daily fee (0.01096% or 4% annually)


Underlying market adjustment (TomNext) +/- our daily fee (0.00411% or 1.5% annually)‌


Relevant interest-rate benchmark (e.g. SOFR for underlyings denominated in the US dollar) +/- our daily fee (0.01096% or 4% annually)‌


Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs

Long positions: pay 0.06164% daily (or 22.5% annually)
Short positions: receive 0.0137% daily (or 5% annually)

All other cryptocurrency CFDs

Long positions: pay 0.07534% daily (or 27.5% annually)
Short positions: receive 0.00685% daily (or 2.5% annually)‌

Why am I charged overnight funding adjustment?

You’re charged overnight funding adjustment to cover the dealing costs inherent in holding a position overnight.

What is the guaranteed stop-loss fee?

A guaranteed stop-loss (GSL) fee is only charged if the GSL is triggered. The GSL closes the trade at exactly the price level you specify, with no risk of gapping or slippage. Since we take on this risk for you, we (and other providers) charge a fee for the GSL’s use. You can see the GSL fee on the deal ticket before placing your trade, once you’ve selected a GSL.

How is the guaranteed stop-loss fee calculated?

The guaranteed stop-loss fee is calculated by multiplying three components: guaranteed stop premium (in percentage), position open price and quantity. The formula looks like:


GSL fee = GSL premium * position open price * quantity.

You can check the GSL fee value on the deal ticket when opening a position and adding GSL.

Other things to think about

Of course, our charges aren’t the only factors that’ll affect your trade’s profitability. You should also consider the following.

Market movement

The direction and distance that a market moves will obviously affect the value of your trade.


The amount required to open and maintain a trade. Consider whether you can afford it, both at the outset and if the margin should change to reflect market conditions.


You should be comfortable with the leverage you’re using. Your exposure may be many times what you’ve paid to open, and you could experience fast, large gains or losses.