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Monster Beverage (MNST)

What is the Monster Beverage Corporation?

Headquartered in Corona, California, the Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST) is a holding company that produces, markets and distributes energy drinks, natural soft drinks and concentrates through its consolidated subsidiaries.

The company represents the such world-known brands as Monster Energy, Burn, NOS energy drinks, Full Throttle, Relentless, Mother and numerous others. Overall, the company holds over 8,000 patents and trademarks across their various global markets. In 2016 alone, they added 4 new beverages to their range.

What is the history of Monster?

Previously known as the Hansen Natural Company, in 2012 the company changed its name and stock market ticker to Monster Beverage Corp representing its biggest income generator Monster.

What is the relationship between Monster and Coca-Cola?

In 2015, Coca-Cola acquired an almost 17% stake in Monster creating a partnership between the two beverage giants. This allowed for an optimisation of business, with Coca-Cola taking on Monster’s soft drink range and Monster Coca-Cola’s energy drink brands.

Additionally, the union with Coca-Cola, arguably the world’s foremost soft drinks producers, provided other such benefits as access to a wider distribution network, allowing for the company’s continued growth. Monster Beverage Corporation secured its place as a core competitor in the energy drinks segment.

Who are Monster’s competitors?

Currently, the corporation’s main competitors are the Red Bull Company, to whom it ranks second in the energy drinks sector, Dr Pepper Snapple Group Company and the Ocean Spray Company, who operate in beverage industry across the energy, soft and fruit drinks sectors.

How does the Monster Beverage Corp operate?

Monster Beverages corporate structure is divided into three segments. The Monster Drinks section is responsible for the namesake Monster Energy Drinks, that are sold in approximately 128 countries spanning the world, with the most recent territory to be included new Chinese regions. They are sold through bottlers, full-service distributors and also directly to retail providers.

The Strategic Brands section including Coca-Cola’s energy drinks among others. This section focuses on partnerships with full-service beverage distributors as a method of sales, targeting around 89 countries worldwide.

Others, encompasses American Fruits & Flavors’ products and other non-energy drink products acquired. These are sold, primarily through bottling and canning operations.

Where is MNST traded?

Listed on the NASDAQ, Monster Beverage is included to the NASDAQ-100 and S&P 500 components, using the ticker MNST. Enjoying worldwide popularity, as of 2016, the company has an international team of 2,646 people across various company disciplines. Find out more about Monster Beverage Corporation’s shares at

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