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Long position overnight funding adjustment

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Short position overnight funding adjustment

Margin. Your investment
Overnight funding adjustment
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Trade size with leverage ~ €20,000.00

Short position overnight funding adjustment ~ €19,000.00

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Stock exchangeGermany
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Prev. Close3.93
1-Year Change-46.03%
Day's Range3.835 - 3.94

Thyssenkrupp Company profile

What is Thyssenkrupp AG?

Thyssenkrupp AG is an international multi-industry company. Founded in 1999, the German conglomerate is recognised as one of the world’s largest producers of steel. The company’s product range varies from industrial services and machinery to elevators, high-speed trains and shipbuilding.

What does the company do?

Thyssenkrupp AG operates in five major business segments: Components Technology, Industrial Solutions, Elevator Technology, Materials Services and Steel Europe. Running its business all over the world, the company delivers the following products and services:

  1. Components Technology segment produces high-tech components for automotive and machinery sectors. The company manufactures crankshafts and camshafts, damping and steering systems, stabilisers and springs for auto sector, as well as components for construction equipment and wind turbines for the machinery sector.
  2. Industrial Solutions segment specialises in building of industrial plants. The company designs, builds and services refinery, chemical and other industrial complexes. For automotive industry the company delivers engine and body assembly lines. Also, the company supplies submarines and naval ships.
  3. Elevator Technology segment specialises in producing of passenger transportation systems. The company delivers freight and passenger elevators, moving walks and escalators. It also produces boarding bridges for airports, as well as stair and platform lifts.
  4. Material Services segment focuses on the distribution of global materials. The company’s portfolio consists of 150, 000 articles, including carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and all kinds of plastics, processed in line with customer requirements.
  5. Steel segment is one of the world’s largest flat steel suppliers. Steel Europe specialises in high-quality steel products, innovative manufacturing technologies and custom solutions. The main business areas include engineering, automotive, packaging, energy and construction sectors.

A bit of Thyssenkrupp’s history

Thyssenkrupp AG was established on 17 March 1999 in the result of a merger of the two German steel companies, Thyssen and Krupp. Thyssen AG was founded in 1891 and was named Gewerkschaft Deutscher Kaiser. Krupp was founded in 1811 as a cast steel factory in Essen, Germany.

Who founded Thyssenkrupp AG?

  1. Friedrich Krupp (17 July 1787 – 8 October 1826) established a factory for the production of cast steel and all related products. He manufactured high-quality crucible steel and sold it in the form of rods, bars, tanner’s tools, etc. After his death Friedrich’s wife Therese with the help of their eldest son Alfred continued the family business.
  2. August Thyssen (17 May 1842 – 4 April 1926) established the Gewerkschaft Deutscher Kaiser company and transformed it from coal mine to an integrated steelmaking and iron plant. At the age of 80, he still had the sole control over his business. August Thyssen’s industrial heritage was shared between his sons Heinrich and Fritz.

Current size, team and locations

Headquartered in Duisburg and Essen, Germany, the company operates in 79 countries of the world, running approximately 461 subsidiaries and 25 investments. The team of Thyssenkrupp AG consists of 158,000 employees working worldwide.

Quick facts about Thyssenkrupp

  1. Revenue: €41.5 billion
  2. Experience: 200 years
  3. Nationalities: 143
  4. Patents: 19,000
  5. R&D locations: 90

How to learn the Thyssenkrupp share price?

Thyssenkrupp shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TKA. The company is a component of the prestigious DAX and DAX International indices. Join to trade CFDs on the Thyssenkrupp share price fluctuations and follow the TKA chart in real-time.

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