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cognitive biases

Breaking down trading biases: sunk cost and house money

Learn more about common trading biases at Find out the mechanics of such psychological effects as sunk cost and house money fallacies. Explore how they relate to risk and decision making. News

House Money & Sunk Cost Effects

One of the main differences between human and artificial intelligence lies in our emotions, which have a great impact on our behaviour. People build their own trading strategies by depending on many factors and characteristics, such as emotional intelligence, risk tolerance and perceptions. Unfortunately, despite behaving rationally in many aspects of their lives, people don’t always see how easily they fall into cognitive biases and logical fallacies. News

All in good time. When the best time to sell short?

Explore the mechanics of short selling with Learn what short selling is and find examples of profitable and losing trades. Discover the best time to go short. News
The Anatomy of Short Selling

The anatomy of short selling: how to make profits

Short selling means selling an asset at a higher price and then buying it back at a lower price. The strategy is primarily used for both speculation and hedging. Speculators seek ways to capitalise on decline, hedgers try to protect their portfolio and mitigate losses. News

10 tips to trade on mobile with

Here are 10 tips to help you explore and make the most of trading from your mobile device. News
Ripple Coins

Top 5 questions you have always wanted to ask about Ripple

Learn what Ripple is, who invented the cryptocurrency, and what are the competitive advantages. Discover how to mine Ripple and how it differs from Bitcoin. News
Bitcoin 2018

What does the bitcoin futures contract mean for BTC/USD price in 2018?

Find out how the introduction of bitcoin futures contract by CMEs, December 18, can change the market in 2018. News

Litecoin is over $300, but the party may stop

Litecoin has demonstrated a massive surge in price. The cryptocurrency has recently surpassed $300 a coin, but may fall down any moment according to the creator, Charlie Lee. News
UBS office in Zurich, Switzerland

UBS Files Patent on Blockchain-Based Validation

Swiss bank UBS seeks approval on patent on systems and methods for facilitating Blockchain-based validation. News

Crypto Rush Continues: Japan to Launch Bitcoin Derivatives

The Tokyo Financial Exchange is moving towards Bitcoin derivatives, following the examples of its US counterparts – Chicago-based CME and CBOE. News

CryptoKitties: the latest finfancy on the crypto arena

It is cryptocurrency meets cuteness. The latest trend to hit the financial technology world, CryptoKitties is an online platform for collecting and breeding digital cats. Built using the Ethereum platform and blockchain technology, the innovation is already making waves. News

Bitcoin to Die One Day: Chinese Bank Official

Pan Gongsheng, the People’s Bank of China official, doubles down on banning the ICOs in China. News
The Case of Walt Disney Stock

Fairy Tale Trading: The Case of Walt Disney Stock

Every Walt Disney movie promises to realise your dreams, to vary your daily routine with a myriad of emotions, and to fill you with experience. In some ways, so does trading. If you happen to be fond of both, we say why not unite these two interests and look into Walt Disney stock? News
Mortgage-Backed Securities

Five Quick Questions About Mortgage-Backed Securities

Explore the ABCs of mortgage-backed securities and risks they bear, find out how to calculate the average life of MBS and learn about prepayment assumptions. News

Who Will Reach the $1 Trillion Market Cap First?

What is market cap? Why is it helpful to investors? Learn who are the top-runners to reach the 13-figure valuation. Will it be Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft or their strong challengers? News

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