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Market Review for Thursday 20 September 2018 Market Review for Thursday 20 September 2018

Catch up with the market highlights of 20 September and discover the latest levels for oil, gold, major indices and Forex pairs. News market review for Wednesday 19 September 2018

Have a look at the latest commodities, stocks and Forex levels. News market review for Tuesday 18 September 2018

Catch up with the market highlights of 18 September and discover the latest levels for oil, gold and major indices. News market review for Monday 17 September, 2018

Monday had quite a busy trading schedule. Have a look at the market highlights. News

Derivatives trading: CFDs vs equity swaps – what’s the difference?

Learn more about trading derivatives. Find out the key differences: CFDs vs equity swaps. News

A leap into the dark: can day trading be a full time job?

Learn more about how to change your life and make day trading your full-time job and main source of income. News

Going alt: top 5 alternative trading strategies

Investing long-term isn’t the only way to trade, discover new alternative trading strategies, their risks and benefits. News

Gather round for the Apple event: what we know and what to expect

What we know about Apple’s new iPhones and iPad Pro. Get the latest on the upcoming products before they’re officially announced. News

Amazon achieves trillion dollar market cap

Internet shopping behemoth Amazon follows Apple into America’s list of trillion dollar companies. News

CFD trading: ride the market’s price swings

Learn more on how to profit from the market’s moves with CFDs. Find your strategy and ride the financial market’s price swings. News

How to survive a margin closeout

Learn more on trading psychology. Why getting margin closeout can be discouraging, and how to avoid it. News

Tesla is staying public – now what?

Tesla is not going private. Find out about the implications of Tesla staying public. News

How to become a day trader?

A look at what day trading is. Read the five most important points to know how to become a day trader. News

Global stocks reach a 6-month high as US-Mexico deal boosts investors’ optimism

World stocks hit half-year highs on Tuesday. Learn other effects of the new trade agreement between the USA and Mexico. News

Exploring major pros and cons of CFD trading

In this article you can discover how CFD trading works and weigh up its major pros and cons. News