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Safe and sound: how risk-reward ratio can improve your money management strategy and overall trading performance

Learn more about a successful money management strategy, using risk-reward ratio to improve your trading performance. Use RRR like a pro to decide, whether the trade will bring you profit. News

How can I invest in platinum?

Receive updates about the platinum chart and prices. Discover how to invest in platinum. Learn about platinum bullions and coins, ETFs, futures and options and CFDs. News

Smart money management: how to trade with a risk-reward focus?

Explore the essentials of money management in trading. Find out how to use the risk-to-reward ratio together with stop loss orders to improve your trading performance. News
Stop Loss

Stemming losses: reasonable approach to setting stop loss orders

Stop loss is a key risk management tool. It closes an unfavourable position when a specified price is reached. However, to make stop loss orders work for you as efficiently as possible, you have to rely on common sense rather than gut instinct. Here are three sensible ways to cap losses in trading. News

Stop-loss efficiency: how to make stops work for you

Explore some basic steps on how to use stop-losses effectively, limit trading risks and cut your losses. Learn more about risk-per-trade, volatility and ATR method. Find out your own strategy and use stops smart. News

A quick guide into the crypto world: cryptocurrencies and blockchain explained

The world has gone crypto, it’s time to keep up with times or risk being left behind. New technology breeds new terminology, so let’s get to grips with the top 27 crypto terms to get you started. News

Trend Trading Starter Pack: Timeframes and Moving Averages

Explore our starter pack for a trend trader. Discover what is trend trading, how to tell a sector trend from a market trend and learn to read charts with simple and exponential averages plotted on them. News
cognitive biases

Breaking down trading biases: sunk cost and house money

Learn more about common trading biases at Find out the mechanics of such psychological effects as sunk cost and house money fallacies. Explore how they relate to risk and decision making. News

House Money & Sunk Cost Effects

One of the main differences between human and artificial intelligence lies in our emotions, which have a great impact on our behaviour. People build their own trading strategies by depending on many factors and characteristics, such as emotional intelligence, risk tolerance and perceptions. Unfortunately, despite behaving rationally in many aspects of their lives, people don’t always see how easily they fall into cognitive biases and logical fallacies. News
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Trends: nuts and bolts

Discover the basics of trend trading, as well as types of trends and timeframes. Learn how to determine a trend using technical analysis indicators such as SMA and EMA. News

All in good time. When the best time to sell short?

Explore the mechanics of short selling with Learn what short selling is and find examples of profitable and losing trades. Discover the best time to go short. News
The Anatomy of Short Selling

The anatomy of short selling: how to make profits

Short selling means selling an asset at a higher price and then buying it back at a lower price. The strategy is primarily used for both speculation and hedging. Speculators seek ways to capitalise on decline, hedgers try to protect their portfolio and mitigate losses. News

10 trading tips to leverage the mobile app

Here are 10 tips to help you explore and make the most of trading from your mobile device. News
Ripple Coins

Top 5 questions you have always wanted to ask about Ripple

Learn what Ripple is, who invented the cryptocurrency, and what are the competitive advantages. Discover how to mine Ripple and how it differs from Bitcoin. News
Bitcoin 2018

What does the bitcoin futures contract mean for BTC/USD price in 2018?

Find out how the introduction of bitcoin futures contract by CMEs, December 18, can change the market in 2018. News