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TitanSwap price prediction: Will TITAN coin ride new high?

By Payel Bera

Edited by Vanessa Kintu

10:27, 12 April 2022

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TitanSwap price prediction: Will TITAN coin ride new high? Photo: karnoff /

The 2020 decentralised finance (DeFi) explosion gave rise to numerous now-familiar features of the financial landscape, such as decentralised crypto exchanges (DEX), decentralised lending, decentralised stablecoins, decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) and more. 

However, issues soon arose with regard to aspects such as risk control and user experience. Ultimately these problems helped the DeFi space expand further, as developers rushed to solve them with a multitude of innovations – and TitanSwap (TITAN) made the most of it. 

While TITAN is currently trading nearly 62% lower than its all-time high of $9.95 on 12 August 2021, its recent peak on 6 April 2022, at nearly $6, rekindled hopes for the cryptocurrency. 

Let’s look at the TitanSwap token price prediction for 2022 and beyond.

TitanSwap (TITAN) price chart

What is TitanSwap (TITAN) coin?

TitanSwap advertises itself as a platform that offers seamless cross-chain token swaps, automated liquidity mining and DAO. Launched on 24 September 2020 by Huobi, it is a de-financialisation centre that gains insight from DeFi’s predecessors.

The TitanSwap token provides optimal liquidity solutions for various digital asset categories, thanks to its adaptive bonding curve. 

Its ‘user-centred’ feature in the decentralised exchange attracts millennial and Generation Z users, giving them complete control of their financial products without any centralised custody. 

TITAN is also an aggregated liquidity pool that supports smart order routing. Hence, a small number of digital assets can be managed without the need to understand complex on-chain transactions, or to have advanced financial knowledge.

TitanSwap is a DEX based on an automated market-making mechanism. The elements that make up TITAN are listed below:

  • TITAN Automated Order: an automated market maker (AMM)-based automated order mechanism that can be used to execute orders automatically, once an order in the queue reaches a predetermined execution price.

  • TITAN Smart Route: TITAN’s smart routing of cross-chain orders enables automatic selection of multiple mainnet liquidity pools. This supports more trading pairs and smaller slippage.

  • TITAN Address Audit: TitanSwap, along with CoinGecko, identifies the address of the token contract in a trading pair to avoid Scam Coin.

  • TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve: leveraging on greater liquidity with better price discovery for different asset types.

  • TITAN Kayer-2 Support: helps increase the efficiency of on-chain clearing and settlement. This in turn reduces GAS consumption, effectively preceding ETH 2.0.

  • TITAN DAO: the governing token, TITAN, offers proposals and voting rights, and allows investors to manoeuvre the coin along with the creators to determine the future of the coin. TITAN DAO also provides incentives for liquidity providers and traders.


The TITAN ecosystem relies on four pillars: liquidity providers, strategy brokerage, traders and developers. Liquidity in trading is achieved by maximising capital utilisation with the TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve, and earning TITAN rewards along with trading fees. 

TITAN Automated Order provides a rich order strategy on top of an automated market making mechanism, facilitating planners and implementers. 

CEO Dzhyhir Anton claims that TITAN DAO makes it a decentralised community platform. Hence, holders are also developers of the TITAN ecosystem, giving them participation and decision-making rights in all aspects of governance, from the TITAN economic model to contract auditing, technical approach and more. 

At the time of writing on 11 April, TitanSwap had a maximum supply  of 10 billion TITAN. The allocation ratio is 10% to investors and shareholders while the remaining 90% is for liquidity mining. 

TitanSwap news highlights

Before moving on to Titan crypto prediction, let us first go through some news that boosted the cryptocurrency’s price higher.

On 6 April, TITAN got double listed: first on Bithumb, an elite crypto exchange in Korea, and then on Kucoin, boosting coin prices by more than 100% in 24 hours. TITAN prices skyrocketing on world-class exchange listings shows solid appreciation and recognition by users/investors of TitanSwap’s function and innovation in DeFi.

Partnership deals and collaborations are crucial for cryptocurrencies, as they help coins and tokens to gain attention. On 30 March, TitanSwap collaborated with Buidl H20 to save water and help the ocean ecosystem. 


3,490.21 Price
-0.300% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0616%
Short position overnight fee 0.0137%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 6.00


67,387.45 Price
-0.570% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0616%
Short position overnight fee 0.0137%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 106.00


19,698.00 Price
+0.920% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0263%
Short position overnight fee 0.0041%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 1.8


0.61 Price
+2.020% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0753%
Short position overnight fee 0.0069%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 0.01168

As of 11 April, there is a circulating supply of 53.4 million TITAN coins. TitanSwap  has a market cap of $184.3m and is trading at $3.45. TITAN’s current CoinMarketCap ranking is #274. 

TitanSwap currently trades on CoinTiger, Huobi Global, KuCoin, Bithumb and BitGlobal.

TitanSwap review

Current sentiment based on short-term technical indicators by CoinCodex was neutral at the time of writing, with 14 technical analysis indicators signalling bullish signals and 12 bearish signals. TitanSwap  was expected to rise by 3.34% and reach $3.64 by 16 April. 

While the Fear & Greed Index showed ‘fear’, the coin’s price increased by 54% in the last year and outperformed 78% of the top 100 crypto assets during the same period. 

Diving into the technical indicators, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) triggers a ‘sell’ and the average directional index (ADX) signalled ‘buy’ while the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) remains neutral. 

The daily Simple Moving Average (MA) has a majority ‘buy’ signal except for the three-week and five-week periods, while the Daily Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) have the three, five and 10-week periods showing ‘sell’ and the rest all ‘buy’.

While investors’ expectations have been rekindled after the disappointment experienced since mid-2021, the factors impacting the rebound (notably the double listing on international exchanges) may be a temporary fix. 

TitanSwap (TITAN) price prediction 2022-2025

The cryptocurrency’s future depends on how the coin manages to take advantage of its partnerships and innovation, but forecasts from analysts may help in deciding whether to hold, buy or sell. Let us have a look at some algorithm-based long-term TitanSwap share price forecasts.

Analysts from Wallet Investor placed their TITAN crypto price target at an average of $0.476 by the end of December 2022. TITAN/USD was expected to drop and, based on the last 30 days’ analysis, sentiments are bullish. According to the algorithm, the coin could crash and has no scope to surpass bitcoin. 

Wallet Investor forecasted prices to hit an average of $0.6023 by the end of 2023, followed by $0.332 in 2024, $0.469 by 2025 and close at around $0.371 by April 2027.

The TitanSwap coin future outlook by had prices at a maximum of $1.75, $2.64, $3.75 and $5.76 from 2022 to 2025. Prices were expected to reach as high as $40.15 by the end of 2030. 

Another algorithm-based forecast provided by DigitalCoinPrice showed sentiments were neutral, but given the coin’s massive trend prices could go up. Forecasts from 2022 to 2025 were around a maximum of $4.84, $5.46, $6.21 and $6.97, respectively. The TITAN/USD target price for 2030 was set at $16.46. 

Will TitanSwap go up or down?

Analyst predictions from WalletInvestor showed prices could fall to as low as $0.238 by the end of December 2022. However, other forecasters such as and DigitalCoinPrice estimated prices could rise and shoot up and beyond $5 by 2025. 

Is TitanSwap  a good investment?

Forecasts from multiple algorithm-based projections showed TITAN coins may rise. However, the short-term outlook was neutral and the cryptocurrency might face competition from other similar projects. In the past month we have witnessed the coin price rise following news of the double listing and brand collaborations. If TitanSwap continues on the same path, token prices could move up soon.

However, only you can decide whether TITAN is a good investment for you. You should always keep in mind that the price predictions are based on algorithms that trace past performance to predict the future. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and many countries haven’t fully authorised their trade, hence any change in the blockchain landscape and policy may cause market gyrations.

You should always consider the coin creators’ initiatives – collaborations, partnership deals, changes in the white paper – before making investment decisions. Your decision to buy cryptocurrencies should depend on your attitude to risk and how comfortable you are with losing money. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 


Does TitanSwap have a future?

TitanSwap likely does have a future, given the constant changes coming up in the decentralised finance space. However, competition in the sector is very high and to keep up with other active coins, the creators will have to find new ways to promote the coin, along with mitigating the risks that exist in the crypto arena. 

How high can TitanSwap coin go?

At the time of writing on 11 April, TitanSwap prices were predicted to reach as high as $40.15 by the end of 2030 (according to’s forecast). 

However, these projections are based on algorithms that consider past value to project future trends, and investors should always do their own research before investing.

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