When you hold a position overnight, we make a funding adjustment to that position to cover dealing costs. You can see how we calculate this on our charges and fees page.

Take a 1:1 leverage position on shares, however, and we won’t apply that adjustment when you hold a position overnight. Helping you to save a little capital when you want to hold a trade for longer.


Here’s how you could save $64.68 on a hypothetical 1:1 position on Tesla, held for 28 days.

You think Tesla is looking underbought. But quarterly earnings are on the horizon, and after taking a look at the company’s fundamentals, you think that the stock is due a rise following the announcement.

You take a long 1:1 CFD position on 50 shares of Tesla at $195 per share, meaning your exposure (and initial outlay) is $9,750. You intend to hold until at least after the announcement, which is in 28 days.

To calculate our usual overnight funding rate, we use the following formula:

  • Relevant interest rate benchmark (eg SONIA for underlyings denominated in sterling) +/- our admin fee (0.01096%)
  • Tesla trades in USD, so the relevant interest rate benchmark is the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) – which is currently 4.66448% annually, or 0.01278% daily.
  • Our daily fee is 0.01096%.
  • To hold a long position overnight, you would normally pay 0.02374% – SOFR plus our fee – of your exposure, which is $2.31 per night.
  • With 0% overnight funding, you wouldn’t pay this – so over 28 days, you’d have saved $64.68. 

How to change your leverage

In the web platform

1. Click ‘Settings’
2. Click ‘My accounts’, and make sure you’re on the ‘Live accounts’ tab
3. Find the relevant account and click ‘Trading options’
4. In the ‘Leverage’ section, click the ‘Shares’ or 'Cryptocurrency' dropdowns and set your leverage to 1:1

In the mobile app

1. Tap the icon on the top-left of the homescreen
2. Tap ‘My accounts’
3. Find the relevant account and tap ‘Trade options’
4. Tap ‘Leverage’ , then tap ‘Shares’ or 'Cryptocurrency' and set your leverage to 1:1