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Platinum is a shiny white metal that is used for a variety of different reasons around the world. Today, this rare precious metal is one of the most expensive commodities available in the market. For decades, platinum has attracted international investors keen to diversify their portfolio and hedge against any financial uncertainty.

Based on the historical platinum price graph, the metal reached its record low of $87.70 in January 1972 and a record high of $2,290 in March 2008.

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As platinum is a precious metal, it is believed to be a safe-haven investment similar to gold. However, this is not always the case. The price of platinum relies heavily on the rules of supply and demand and thus, can be extremely volatile.

In times of economic turbulence, the platinum price tends to decrease in relation to gold, while during political stability and routine periods of market activity, it usually rises higher than the yellow metal. Although used as hedge by some and as jewellery for others, platinum’s value is closely correlated to the demand for its industrial usage.

While platinum is a precious metal, it is often used in a similar way to industrial metals, such as silver, copper or aluminium. The biggest market for platinum is the automotive industry, which currently accounts for up to 50 per cent of its total usage. The jewellery industry is the second-biggest consumer of the metal, using over 30 per cent of the platinum mined.

Other industrial applications of this precious metal include fuel cells, oxygen sensors, turbine engines, spark plugs, dentistry equipment, magnets and many more.

In times of weak economic performance, the demand for vehicles, heavy machinery and others powered by engines containing platinum decreases, so the platinum price consequently falls. Conversely, as industrial demand increases so does the metal’s price. Therefore, the platinum rate significantly relies on the wider performance of the global economy.

In regards to supply, experts suggest that platinum is about 15-20 times scarcer than gold, based on annual production. Its mining is primarily concentrated in one country – South Africa, which accounts for some three-quarters of the total production of the metal worldwide. Other major producers include Russia, Zimbabwe, the United States and Canada.

With’s comprehensive platinum chart you can quickly find the latest platinum price and trace the historical value of the precious metal over the years.

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