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Discover palladium price in real-time with our live chart.

Palladium is a lustrous, extremely rare white precious metal, which offers an investment that has a high intrinsic value and may bring added diversity to your portfolio. Given its many uses and extraordinary rarity, this metal should have value long after any debt or currency crisis.

Based on the historical palladium price chart, the metal reached a record low of $78 in August 1991 and a record high of $1,824.50 in October 2019.

You can follow the latest spot price of palladium with

During times of inflation and currency devaluation, traders turn to precious metals as reliable stores of value. As a commodity, palladium is now attracting the attention of international investment funds and retail traders. The metal is thirty times rarer than gold and, because of its unique properties, is hard to substitute for other metals.

The supply of palladium is concentrated in a handful of countries, coming from reserves in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, the United States and Canada. Yet there is growing demand from the automotive industry for its use in exhaust systems. Governments worldwide, especially in China, are tightening regulations to cut down pollution from vehicles, forcing manufacturers to increase the amount of palladium they use.

Besides, palladium is an essential metal for a range of other industries, including electronics, medicine, dentistry, jewellery production, oil refining, chemical applications and groundwater treatment.

Very limited supply and rapidly increasing demand are reflected in the palladium value, making it a volatile and attractive commodity.

With’s palladium price chart you can not only stay up to date with the metal’s latest performance, but also trace the historical value of palladium over the years.

trade palladium
Why is Palladium Spot important to traders?

Learn how to trade palladium and find out everything you need to know about the top-traded precious metal commodity.

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