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What is NVIDIA?

NVIDIA is a global leader in visual and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) accelerated computing. Today, the company targets four major segments, including gaming, data centre, professional visualisation and automotive, where visual computing is highly valued.

What does the company do?

The company designs and produces Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for professional and gaming markets, and also runs a line of System on a Chip Units (SoCs) for the automotive and mobile computing markets. Its key product line is called GeForce. NVIDIA has a strong presence in the gaming industry, producing Shield Portable video game consoles, Shield Android TVs and Shield Tablets. Through time NVIDIA evolved its key GPU manufacturing business into a super computer brain, working at the intersection of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

A bit of NVIDIA’s history

The company was established in 1993 by three co-founders, who believed that the future of computing will be based on graphics. The initial capital comprised $40,000. From the very beginning the company didn’t have a name and the founders called all their work by the abbreviation NV, which meant “next version”. Then the name “invidia”, the latin word for “envy”, was born.

Who founded NVIDIA?

The company was founded by three people:

  1. Jensen Huang, a former microprocessor designer at Advanced Micro Devices and the director of CoreWare at LSI Logic
  2. Curtis Priem, a former graphics chip designer and senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems
  3. Cris Malachowsky, a former electrical engineer at Sun Microsystems

Sequoia Capital and others invested more than $20 million of venture capital funding into Invidia.

Current size, team and locations

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, NVIDIA has more than 40 regional offices all over the world including both Americas, Europe and Asia. The company has a team of more than 11,500 employees working worldwide and is constantly growing.

Quick facts about NVIDIA

  1. With the invention of the GPU in 1999, the company has been defining modern computer graphics
  2. NVIDIA GeForce is the world’s largest gaming platform
  3. The company is powering the world’s fastest supercomputers
  4. Provides the brains to AI cars, Intelligent Machines and the Internet of Things
  5. NVIDIA DRIVE is a scalable AI car platform
  6. In 2009, the company started the GPU Technology Conference with the major focus on GPU usage for solving computing challenges. Annually the conference attracts more than 4000 people

Why NVIDIA’s stock is going up?

The company’s sales has been growing due to the large purchases of Graphics Processing Units for the development of machine learning technologies. This market is constantly growing and is forecasted to keep the pace.

How to learn the NVIDIA share price?

NVIDIA is listed and traded on the NASDAQ and constitutes the NASDAQ-100 and S&P 50 stock indices. Join Capital.com to learn and trade CFDs on the NVIDIA share price fluctuations and follow the NVDA chart in real-time.

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