Trade Indices CFDs

Speculate on marketwide changes with index CFDs. The FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Euro Stoxx 50 all have their ups and downs, and you can benefit by trading their price directly.

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Trade Share CFDs

Trading share CFDs lets you speculate on prices of all popular markets with leverage and tight spreads.

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Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs

Explore the latest financial markets with cryptocurrencies. Trade on the volatile crypto market rises and falls.

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Trade Commodities CFDs

Trade CFDs on a wide range of commodities, including Brent and Crude Oil, Gold and Silver. Enjoy outstanding flexibility when speculating on the world of natural resources with low margin CFDs.

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Trade Forex CFDs

Take advantage of global economic announcements and trends by trading CFDs on a huge variety of currency pairs, both widespread and niche.

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Financial derivatives

What is a derivative financial instrument? A derivative is a contract that derives its value from the performance of an underlying asset. Derivatives include, but are not limited to, futures, swaps and contracts for difference.

CFD trading on financial instruments

A contract for difference (CFD) is a popular type of derivative that allows you to trade on margin, providing you with greater exposure to the financial markets. CFDs are a type of derivative, so you do not buy the underlying asset itself. Instead, you buy or sell units for a given financial instrument depending on whether you think the underlying price will rise or fall.

Why trade CFDs?

Trading CFDs come with many advantages. Due to CFDs being a leveraged product, they carry the advantage of only needing to deposit a fraction of the whole trade value, providing greater access to financial markets. CFDs are also exempt from any stamp duty because it is a derivative product.

What markets can you trade with CFDs?

At, we offer CFDs on a variety of asset classes including: shares, indices, forex pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies. CFD trading on financial instruments, regardless of the asset class being traded, render markets more accessible.

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