Valerie Medleva

Valerie Medleva is an experienced financial writer and features editor. Born in Belarus, she had lived in Cyprus for several years where she graduated from the American University with a BSc degree in Public Relations and Communications. Valerie has experience in covering fast-paced global financial markets, from stocks and forex to commodities and cryptocurrencies, writing and editing long-form analyses and forecasts, as well as trading guides, market pages, definitions and various marketing texts.


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Lufax IPO
Lufax IPO: is this Chinese fintech giant worth your money?

The Lufax IPO is one of the most anticipated events in the US market this week. But should you invest in the stock once it goes live? Read our article to find out

Valerie Medleva
Oil price forecast 2021
Oil price forecast 2021 and beyond: can oil become a lucrative investment again?

After a turbulent 2020, will future oil prices continue to disappoint, or make a comeback next year? Read our latest oil price forecast 2021 to find out.

Valerie Medleva
McAfee IPO
McAfee IPO: will the stock benefit from the tech hype?

As the tech sector is flying, McAfee decided it’s the perfect time to go public. Yet should investors jump in as the McAfee IPO launches?

Valerie Medleva
Is Ripple a good investment
To hodl, or not to hodl: is Ripple a good investment heading into 2021?

Is XRP a good investment as the crypto market becomes more mature and saturated? Read on for our latest Ripple coin analysis and forecast.

Valerie Medleva
Snowflake IPO
Snowflake IPO: will SNOW become Wall Street's new favourite?

Many investors are now waiting for the Snowflake IPO with bated breath. But should you invest in the stock once it goes live? Read our article to find out.

Valerie Medleva
Tesla share price forecast
Tesla share price forecast: will Tesla stock go up past $2,000?

Tesla is on everyone's lips this year, with the company's market cap overtaking that of Toyota. But will it soon become a big disappointment to its investors? Read our Tesla share price prediction to find out.

Valerie Medleva
GoHealth IPO
GoHealth IPO: everything you need to know and even more

The GoHealth IPO is ready to make a splash in the US market this week. Should you invest in the stock once it goes live? Read our article to find out.

Valerie Medleva
The latest S&P 500 analysis
The latest S&P 500 analysis: is it time to go short after a strong rally?

What’s next for the S&P 500 Index of US stocks after its strongest quarter in more than 20 years? Check out our latest S&P 500 analysis for July 2020.

Valerie Medleva
Barclays share price prediction for the rest of 2020
Barclays share price prediction for the rest of 2020: more turbulence ahead?

After the stock plunged dramatically in the first half of 2020, is the Barclays share price prediction full of gloom and doom? Read our article to find out

Valerie Medleva
Platinum price forecast 2020
Platinum price forecast 2020 and beyond: will the metal ever shine again?

Read our platinum price forecast to learn whether it is the right time to add this precious metal to your portfolio. Spot the best trading opportunities with

Valerie Medleva
Royalty Pharma IPO
Royalty Pharma IPO: is the stock worth the hype?

The Royalty Pharma IPO set a record as the largest US public offering this year. Let’s review what makes investors so excited about the stock and whether it is worth the hype it gets

Valerie Medleva
Lloyds share price forecast 2020
Lloyds share price forecast 2020: does the UK banking sector stand a chance of recovering?

After the stock has shed almost half of its value so far in 2020, does the Lloyds share price prediction look all gloomy? Or is now the right time to invest in one of the biggest British financial institutions?

Valerie Medleva
Ripple price news
Ripple price news: could the rally resume?

Ripple XRP news about the coin losing its title of the third-largest cryptocurrency has caught investors off guard. But is there a glimmer of hope in the XRP forecast for the summer? Read on to find out.

Valerie Medleva
WTI oil analysis for June 2020
WTI oil analysis for June 2020: will the bulls run out of breath?

Crude oil prices have bounced up significantly from the historic April lows, but is the rally set to run out of steam? Read our latest WTI oil analysis to find out.

Valerie Medleva
Warner Music Group IPO
Warner Music Group IPO: will it become a ‘summer hit’ in 2020?

While investors are waiting for the WMG IPO with bated breath, we have made a comprehensive guide to this multi-billion company to get you prepared for the upcoming event.

Valerie Medleva

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