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Natural Gas
US Natural Gas Spot
2.766 USD
-0.004 -0.144%
  • Full Name US Natural Gas Spot
  • Currency USD
  • Spread Type Floating
  • Margin 3%
  • Min traded quantity 1
  • Long position overnight fee -0.0485%
  • Short position overnight fee -0.0156%
  • Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
  • Derivative Type Contract for Difference
  • Trading hours (UTC)
    Mon - Thu: 00:00 - 21:00
    22:05 - 00:00
    Fri: 00:00 - 21:00
    Sun: 22:05 - 00:00

US Natural Gas Spot (Natural Gas)

Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel widely used commercial and industrial fields. Natural gas serves as an effective and inexpensive source of energy and electricity. The largest natural gas field is based in Qatar. Natural gas prices are often impacted by the political conditions and events in the Middle East, where the majority of the world natural gas reserves are concentrated. Secondary factors that affect the commodity’s prices are demand and supply, natural disasters and others. To discover the latest natural gas CFD price, follow

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