Investmate is a reliable and handy educational app to learn finance on the go.

Educational goals

Why study finance? So many people, so many goals.

A newcomer and a returner differ in points of departure. Two beginners and two mature traders are different in learning materials they require. That’s why Investmate offers tailored approaches to financial education, depending on a learner’s experience and needs.

Choose from 6 goals and take one of 6 personalised paths. Do you need an introduction to finance? Or have you already done some digging? Wish to become a CFD expert? Or a successful trader? We’ve got you covered!

Change for another goal if you want to and set a comfortable daily pace of learning: Regular, Average, Breakneck.

Rich content

Investmate is an all-in-one app to learn finance. We’ve designed a rich and free toolkit that includes varied learning materials, 30+ courses include short lessons that take as little as 3 minutes to complete.

On the go, you can take useful trading tips, watch thought-provoking videos and explore sophisticated theory made easy. Our trend predictors will get you prepared for real-live forecasting of market behaviour. The detailed jargon-free glossary covers complicated financial ideas in plain language.

With all this handy stuff in one app, you can learn from the very fundamentals to the ins and outs of investing. And check your progress with engaging financial quizzes.

Guided courses

30+ information-packed courses have been designed by financial experts to make an expert of you. They have brought complicated finance to comprehensible terms and added real-world examples so that you learn in a smart way. The trading predictors feature lets you forecast price movements based on real-life trading cases.

Additionally, professionals have worked out tips that can help enhance your trading performance. Learn from industry experts to take your knowledge to the next level.

Easy learning

The app is built to make complicated finance as straightforward as possible.

Rich content is packed into a clear and plain interface. Carry Investmate around and study finance and trading anywhere, anytime! Courses and lessons are bite-sized, presented in the form of handy cards. Swipe or tap for the next card, or mark it as favourite to remember and get back to the material. Terms can also be added to ‘Favourites’ for easier access.

To keep your learning on the right track, you can enable daily reminders. With our timely notifications you won’t miss out on your Investmate goals.

What our clients think about us

Although I've had an interest in learning about trading for a long time, I could never find the time and energy to sit down looking at dry articles. This app is brilliantly laid out and so far I've learned more in less than a day of using this app than I had from reading articles on and off over the years. Thank you Investmate!

Ryan Byrne

This is an amazing app! It's UI is simple making the contents comprehensible. When first starting in investing and trading I had to take note of every word to try and learn the terminology as watching the news or any educational video can be a challenge. I really like the terms section of the app and saved pages. I've learned a lot more by actually trading but this is one of the best apps I've found to educate further.

Anthony Beattie

I have no financial background at all but want to learn about the related topics because of work. The simple terms, clear examples and easy-to-follow tags help me gain a basic understanding as to how the financial market works. Love it!

Tsz Pui Chan

I had very little knowledge on the topic up till now. I only did few lessons but it already clarified many ideas and concepts. So far, very educative.

Michal Jezierski

Clean interface, clear language and concise lessons. So far... I'm able to grasp the concepts relatively painlessly. Thanks!

Rahul Riordan

One of the best apps to understand about markets and shares in a pretty simple language. Loved it! Keep rocking!

Amit Kumar Sainwal

The information is precise and to the point ,also the use of cards makes it easier to understand every concept concisely. Hats off to the team who has developed the app. Also amazing work by Mr. Harry Miller.

George Mukkath

The best app of this kind out there. The lessons are short and sweet and the interface pleasant to look at. Overall a great app for people looking to learn more about trading!

Nessie Andrew

A very good app for beginners to familiarise with the lingo of the investment and trading. The delivery of information is very fluid and thoughtfully laid out.

Phanindra Ravi

Awesome work here! Studying Finance for 4 years. It really sums up the most important things so you won't have to read 100 pages for 10 page of content. Even though you might have unknown words, the app will help you out with that. Highly recommended.

Andrew D

Best one for anyone who's interested in knowing how market works.

Aniket More

Consider this the only literature you'll ever need to learn and hone investing skils. Tastefully illustrated content and exceptionally put together concepts, accompanied by a seemless interfere comes together to create a visually and technically sound app.

Ankita Singh Chauhan

The fact that this is free is amazing. Fair play to the developers. Lots of easy to access info for a newbie like me.

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