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$120 M Paid to partners
2,000 Partners worldwide

What is the Introducing Broker Partner Program?

As an Introducing Broker Partner, simply refer a new active trader to and receive volume-based payments based on their trading activity.


Earn by introducing clients to

10 100 200 300 400
$ 95,000

your income per month

Drag the bar to see the estimated income you may earn based on the total amount of traders you refer


There are plenty of reasons to choose partnering with us. Our services benefit both you and your clients:

Commision Based Earnings

Receive a highly competitive, volume-based commission of up to 50% of our revenue for each referral.

Quick Payouts and Withdraw

Receive payments directly in your account and withdraw your money anywhere, any time.

Exceptional Customer Support

Trade confidently and avoid confusion with 24/7 English and 24/5 local language support.


Promotional Materials

Get everything you need to promote our platform, including advertising materials, landing pages, and website banners.

Educational Materials

Get immediate access to white papers and educational materials on trading, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Personal Account Manager

Enjoy the benefits of a personal account manager who is here to support you.

Ready to join?

Join the family by following these easy steps.

Share partner link

Register clients under

Let clients trade

Receive a commission

Do you still have any questions?

Simply email us at and we will be happy to assist you.




How to register into the partnership program
Partners can contact their regional account managers to apply for IB status or fill in this application form.
Where I can find information about my mananger?
When you fill out a partner application, it directly goes to a respective regional partner account manager.
How to use my partner link
Now all you need to do is acquire your customer by using your partner link. Simply, you copy your partner link and share to your refferals for registration. If you would like to understand further detail, please click the link.
Do you have a regional office?
Currently, we do not offer Regional offices.
Do you have Master IB and Sub IB levels?
Yes we do. For more details on Master IB plan, please contact our Regional Account manager.
Does the company allow rebates?
Yes, we provide an “auto rebate” feature but, by default, this is only available to Introducing Brokers (IB). Auto rebates are a feature by which IBs can pay a portion of their reward (even up to 100%) back to their clients. For this feature it is advised to contact support with your account number and contact details handy to request it.
How many partner types do you have?

There are 03 types of Partners, as per partner level

  • Silver Partner
  • Golden Partner
  • Platinum Partner
How often are my IB level reviews?
The IB status check will be done monthly. Failing to meet the requirements for 3 calendar months in a row can result in the loss of your IB status.
Can I lose my IB status?
The IB status check will be done monthly. Failing to meet the requirements for 3 calendar months in a row can result in the loss of your IB status.
Where can I check my targeted revenue and Partner level status?
You can check your Partner level status from your partner portal.
Will my Partner level be downgraded /upgraded?
The Partner level is manually reviewed by our regional account manager at the start of each calendar month. Based on the findings, the level may be moved up or down according to our requirements.
How are the rewards calculated?

We reward attractive partner commissions as per different Partner levels.
Reward size
- Standard account: up to 40%
- Professional- up to 20%
For details of reward for each Partner levels, please contact to our regional account manager.

How can I withdraw my reward ?
Whenever you earn partner rewards from your partner link, the earnings are automatically calculated and updated on your partner account daily. In order to withdraw these rewards from your partner account, pleare refer to this video instruction link.
How often is commission paid?
We pay the reward daily for all trades 24 hours after your clients trade closes.
What's the minimum sum of commission for withdrawal?
The minimum reward withdrawal must be more than 1 USD.
What currency will I be rewarded in?
We reward the partner in USD currency.
What payment methods are allowed for partner reward withdrawal?
The standard payment methods available in your location.
Can I get rewards from my own trades?
Yes. We understand IB help customers with trading under IB accounts and we reward IB trading volume.
How does the revenue share model work?
Fee revenue is from the difference between bid and ask prices, more commonly known as the spread or comission (for those accounts charged commission fee). As a partner, you could be making up to 40% of fee revenue from the trading orders of your referred clients. So if makes a fee revenue of USD 100 from the transactions of one of your signed up clients within the span of a day, you’ll be making a profit of USD 40 (if you are our platinum partner). This depends on the amount of clients you have, the account type they are trading on and their trading volume.
How can I check if a client is registered under me?
You can check your progress in your partner portal
How many clients can I invite?
We have no limit on your number of referrals.
From which countries do you accept traffic?
There is no limitation on border or geography when you acquire customers.
Where can I check my referred clients' activity and trading volume?
You can check your client's trading activities in your partner portal.
What do I do if my client already has an account with you? Can the client still register under me?
We appreciate Partners introducing new clients to us. Regrettably, we do not have a changing partner policy at this moment.
How can I check my clients' real name and contact (phone and email address) ?
According to our Privacy Policy, each client's personal information is encrypted and protected. Thus, you can see your client's information only by User ID number from your partner portal.
How can I access your advertisement materials: banners, video?
  • Effective advertising banners
  • Landing pages
  • Widgets for your website
  • Educational trading materials
  • Simply get them from your Partner portal and implement your attracting clients strategies