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Kami menawarkan pengalaman trading sekali klik di 2.000+ pasar ternama di dunia.

Eksekusi order cepat
Kerahasiaan & standar keamanan tingkat tinggi: Diawasi oleh Financial Conduct Authority & CySEC
Aplikasi edukatif, pelatihan online & panduan trading
Mencakup seluruh berita ekonomi dan pasar terkini
Nama Jual Beli Perubahan% Perdagangan
Oil - Crude 41.25 41.35 -4.500% Perdagangan
BTC/USD 11418.25 11452.25 -1.260% Perdagangan
XRP/USD 0.31462 0.31862 +0.480% Perdagangan
ETH/USD 395.15 396.55 -0.190% Perdagangan
US30 26660 26662 -1.580% Perdagangan
Silver 24.265 24.289 -4.170% Perdagangan
Gold 1972.49 1972.94 -0.870% Perdagangan
US100 11038.5 11040.0 -0.810% Perdagangan
DE30 12647.9 12649.7 -4.220% Perdagangan
EUR/USD 1.17553 1.17559 +0.060% Perdagangan
Jelajahi platform kami

Kami menciptakan platform mutakhir ramah pengguna demi menjadikan pengalaman trading Anda lebih baik.

Platform trading berkemampuan AI pertama di dunia dengan wawasan perdagangan sesuai kebutuhan pengguna
Antarmuka intuitif & mudah digunakan
Pembaruan reguler secara langsung & peringatan harga untuk 2.000+ pasar
Indikator teknis, perangkat analitis & grafik mutakhir
Mode hedging mode & perangkat manajemen risiko
Platform trading berbasiskan AI pertama di dunia dengan wawasan perdagangan secara personal
Antarmuka yang intuitif & mudah penggunaannya
Pembaruan reguler secara langsung & peringatan harga untuk 2000+ pasar
Indikator teknis, perangkat analitis & grafik mutakhir
Mode hedging & perangkat manajemen risiko

Nikmati platform trading online peraih penghargaan kami

Pasar global utama di ujung jemari Anda. Trading di mana saja, kapan saja Anda mau. Aksesnya tak pernah semudah ini.

Trading dengan penuh percaya diri

Kami fokus pada Anda dan keamanan Anda. 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu.


Diberi Izin dan Diregulasi oleh Financial Conduct Authority dan oleh Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission.


Dana Anda aman dan terjamin, disimpan dalam rekening-rekening bank terpisah dan dilindungi oleh protokol keamanan terkemuka di industri ini.

Privasi mematuhi sepenuhnya Standar Keamanan Data PCI. Kami mengenkripsi dan melindungi informasi Anda, jadi Anda tidak perlu khawatir.

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Kami menyajikan kualitas. Anda nikmati peluangnya.

Siap untuk memulai?

Kami menyajikan kualitas. Anda nikmati peluangnya.

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Common trading mistakes: taking profits too quickly

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Great app/website! I had been looking for something like this for a long time. You can start with little money and learn your way through. They have youtube videos and all the tools for a real trading experience.
Well my first experience is exiciting. The staff and live support they are supportable giving you tips, guides and lesson to improve your skills. Thank you.
Very good and intuitive. I would prefer though that they dont close all positions automatically as soon as you reach 50% of loses. This is not for our interest as we may want to wait. This thing guarantees lose in difficult times.
I have really enjoyed my experience with Capital the service from start to finish has been exceptional. The funds withdrawal process is really quick. Thank you Capital 👍
Could have more stocks. For example, $KR, $MAXR, $CHEF, $APT, $RUN, $CVNA, etc.
Paul Turner
Very good, easy to use, platform is well set out, the only thing that is not good is the stop loss slider is not on chart any more when you are setting up a trade, can be confusing.
I'm thankful that I found this trader. I really appreciate the dark mode and the fees which are reason. Customer support is great as well. What is more they have 3 regulators so it gives you a safe start. From the bottom of my heart I recommend this company to everyone who wants to trade.
Darren Phelan
I have been with now for 9 months and so far have absolutely no complaints. Their mobile app is great and very user friendly (I did have an issue at one point and my account manager sorted it asap). Their web based platform is excellent and very easy to use and news feeds are tailored to the individual. One issue i had is that the live trades only require one click to close them, this i learnt the hard way and closed trades i wanted to keep open as i accidentally clicked the close on two different trades! Overall i'm very happy with the platform and service.
If your looking for a professional and experienced traders. Look no further. Been with many trading companies. Now finally I've found Capital.Com. Your money will always be safe for you to access anytime you feel. 10 out of 10 for this company. Would highly recommend them.
Especially ask for Aleks, my trading manager.
The app is very easily to manoeuvre around picking up little things as you use the app more and more. If there was a tutorial explaining the different key features as you have the videos or make it easier to find that would of made life a little bit easier like explaining the candles and placing the RSI and MACD etc which help. Other than that a great app.