CFD-ovi (Ugovori za razliku u cijeni) složeni su instrumenti i dolaze s visokim rizikom od gubitka novca zbog poluge. 84% računa malih ulagatelja gubi novac prilikom trgovanja CFD-ovima s ovim pružateljem usluga. Trebali biste razmotriti razumijete li funkcioniranje CFD-a i možete li si priuštiti visoki rizik od gubitka novca.

Meet TradingView

TradingView is a charting and trading platform that offers market analysis software to help you make informed trading decisions. It is also the most prominent trader and investor social network on the web with 50+ million users.

Easy-to-use interface

TradingView has an intuitive interface, allowing you to take your trading to the next level, no matter where you are in your journey.

Trading at its best

TradingView is compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices, so you can pick and screen stocks and collaborate with other traders wherever and whenever you like.

Why trade on TradingView?

Exclusive charts

Bring consistency to your trading strategy with highly interactive and responsive mobile-friendly charts powered by 50+ smart drawing tools.

All things trading

Find an array of indicators right next to advanced screeners and your live news feed. There’s no need to switch platforms to trade effectively.

Connect and learn

Become a part of the trader and investor community and discover the latest market trends and insights.

TradingView Features

Discover market-leading tools and features that transform your trading.

Advanced charts

Spot opportunities using 12+ customisable charts, including Renko, Kagi, Point and figure, and view up to 8 of them on a single tab.

Trading alerts

Stay in sync with the markets with 12 alert conditions on price, indicators and strategies.

Technical analysis

Sharpen your judgement with 100+ pre-built indicators, countless community-built indicators, smart drawing tools, volume profile indicators, candlestick pattern recognition and more.

Financial analysis

Use 100+ of fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements, valuation analysis, and historical company data.

Pine Script programming language

Advanced trader? Create your own indicators using the platform’s powerful Pine ScriptTM programming language.

Access an ever-expanding social network

Join a bustling community of like-minded people from all corners of the globe and chat in real-time. Watch and learn by tuning in to live trading streams, or share your knowledge by broadcasting your own.

Create a account in moments and connect to TradingView

  • Trade on a multi-award-winning platform1
  • Go long or short on 3,700+ world-renowned markets
  • Deposit and withdraw funds without fees
  • Enjoy fast withdrawals (98% processed within one day2
  • Get free market news, analysis and insights
  • Develop your skills with free courses and guides
  • Get 24/7 support in 31+ languages

1 was awarded the Investment Trends 2022 Winner of Best Mobile Platform/App and Best Platform Features.
2 Based on our withdrawal data from 2022.

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How can I connect TradingView?


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Sign up and create a account.

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Find our broker profile on TradingView and click ‘Trade.’

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Log in to and complete the connection.

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You’re all set to hit the charts and place trades.

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On what devices can I use TradingView?

You can use TradingView on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

How can I trade on TradingView?

Connect to TradingView to trade CFDs or place spread bets (only available in the UK) with the help of advanced charts. Both products enable you to open long or short positions with just a fraction of the value of your trade – a concept known as leveraged trading. As a result, you can open larger positions and gain greater exposure to global financial markets. However, you are also exposed to risk, as leverage can magnify both profits and losses. That’s why it’s important to apply risk-management tools when trading these products.

  • CFDs exchange the difference in price from the point at which the contract is opened to when it is closed.
  • Spread betting stakes an amount of money per point of price movement in the underlying asset, and is tax-free. This product is only available in the UK.

What markets can I trade with TradingView?

By trading with on TradingView, you can go long or short on CFDs on over 3,700 markets, including stocks, equities, indices and forex.