Hilaire Gomer

Hilaire Gomer has written on finance, business, savings and investment for all the UK broadsheets and many trade journals. She enjoys financial writing because of the variation and new interest. She tries to be as transparent and as clear as possible in a serious and complex financial world

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Stocks and shares - when to buy and when to sell

One of the hardest things to do in investing is knowing when to buy stocks and shares and when to sell them.

Hilaire Gomer
loss aversion bias
Loss Aversion bias in economics and decision making

Loss aversion bias – the irrational belief that losses are bigger than similar-sized gains –can be influential in economics and investment.

Hilaire Gomer
Disposition Effect - an anomaly in behavioural finance

The disposition effect in behavioural finance is one of the many biases or partialities that people are influenced by when they make imperfect decisions, particularly in investing and market trading.

Hilaire Gomer
Bond markets
Investment bonds come under scrutiny worldwide

Investment bonds have a 'nice but dull' reputation - until recently when income-seeking investors are accepting higher risks bonds. Inflation is also posing a change for bonds.

Hilaire Gomer
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): are they too big?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been a huge success but now there are fears that they are too big and could upset markets.

Hilaire Gomer
Sector Analysis: Biotechnology and biotech stocks

The biotechnology or ‘biotech’ sector is one of the hardest sectors to invest in. Biotech investing is only for the robust investor seeking high risk/reward on what is a roller coaster. It’s not for the risk averse.

Hilaire Gomer
Why has gold got problems?

Gold has been the investment of last resort since 3000 BC. It has often been out of favour as an investment and it is now. Why?

Hilaire Gomer
Sector Analysis: Supermarkets - battle on the high street

Supermarkets in the UK have been struggling with customer trends, fierce competition and now there's inflation.

Hilaire Gomer
Sector Analysis - Industrial Engineering

Can the old style industrial engineering metal bashing companies become more flexible like their smaller component makers?

Hilaire Gomer
world leading paint maker
Paint giant AkzoNobel rejects bid from US-owned PPG

AkzoNobel, world leading paint maker and owner of Dulux paint, has turned down a third takeover offer worth €26.9bn by its US competitor PPG Industries.

Hilaire Gomer

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